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The Adventurous Activities Pages contain information on the national Adventurous Activity Permit Scheme, as well as the activities available locally and who to contact for further information.  To navigate through these pages you can use the menu that appears in the top right hand corner of this page.

Scouting provides young people of all ages opportunities to take part in a wide variety of activities through a balanced programme.  Some of these activities are more adventurous than others, with an increased element of risk.  These adventurous activities are popular amongst the young people, as often the only opportunity they have to take part in such activities is through Scouting.

Providing young people with the chance to take part in these adventurous activities is one of the fundamental principles of Scouting.  As there is an increased risk associated with these activities it is important that Leaders running these activities have the appropriate skills and experience to provide a safe environment for the young people to take part.  The national Adventurous Activity Permit Scheme ensures that adults running adventurous activities for our young people have these skills and level of experience to do so.