Target Archery is an internationally recognised sport which is played at both the Commonwealth and Olympic Games.  The role of archery has changed over the centuries from one of the primary weapons of war through to that of modern day where it is that of a sport and leisure pursuit.

Archery is a potentially dangerous sport due to the speed at which the arrow travels and the silence of the shot.  As a consequence, anyone who instructs archery must do so to the standard of the Archery Leader Qualification of the Grand National Archery Society (GNAS).  Archery must be undertaken according to the controls and standards of the GNAS.

Target Archery is the main type of archery undertaken by Scouts, other types of archery may be undertaken, however, archery involving shooting at animal targets is not permitted.  Archery as a sport can provide the opportunity to improve skills and learn new ones.  It can be the ideal sport for those who do not like to take part in team sports, and is good for individuals and groups where a variety of special needs are present.

Archery Permit Holders on the Island

There are a number of qualified Archery Leaders on the Island who would be more than willing to run Archery sessions for groups.

Paul Steen coordinates this group and should be the first point of contact.  Paul's contact details can be found in the County Directory or Wight Pages, copies of which are available from your Group Scout Leader or relevant Commissioner.

A small charge may be levied to cover the cost of the maintaining and replacing the equipment used, further details on this charge are available from Paul.

Archery Ranges

Some of the Scout Headquarters on the Island are suitable for use as archery ranges, however the Headquarters will need to be risk assessed by a qualified Archery Leader before the activity can be run.  There is an outdoor Archery Range at Corf Campsite.

Applying for a Permit

Anyone interested in applying for an Archery Activity Permit will need to have completed an Archery Leader Qualification.  Further details on this scheme are available on the GNAS website.  Once this has been gained an Adventurous Activity Permit Application Form should be completed and submitted to the relevant Commissioner.