Target Shooting

The Rules of The Scout Association with regard to shooting with Firearms is set out in POR.  Anyone proposing to arrange shooting as a Scouting activity must be familiar with these Rules and the relevant Law.  The person taking charge of the activity as the 'Range Officer' must hold an appropriate national governing body qualification.

Target shooting is an Olympic Sport, and one in which the United Kingdom has an excellent record.  Success requires concentration and the disciplined control of both mind and body.  It is a sport in which young and old, male and female, can compete together and which is available to many people to whom a lot of sport is inaccessible, for example those who are blind or in wheelchairs.

There are several types of Target Shooting recognised as a Scout activity:


Type of Shooting Activity National Governing Body
Target Shooting with airguns (air rifles and air pistols) National Small-Bore Rifle Association
Field Target Shooting (outdoor shooting at reactive targets) British Field Target Association
Small-Bore Rifle Shooting National Small-Bore Rifle Association
Target Shooting with full power rifles and muzzle-loading pistols National Rifle Association
Clay Pigeon Shooting Clay Pigeon Shooting Association

Any Scout Group/Leader organising Shooting as a Scout Activity must ensure that those running the activity are fully conversant with the rules in POR, as well as being registered with the National Governing Body with the relevant qualifications and/or licensing.

Shooting Permit Holders on the Island

There are a number of Leaders with a Shooting Activity Permit on the Island, who have complete the National Small-Bore Rifle Shooting Associations Youth Proficiency Scheme Tutor's Diploma.

Tony Elgar coordinates this group and should be the first point of contact.  Tony's contact details can be found in the County Directory or Wight Pages, copies of which are available from your Group Scout Leader or relevant Commissioner.

A small charge may be levied to cover the cost of the maintaining and replacing the equipment used, further details on this charge are available from Tony.

Shooting Ranges

Some of the Scout Headquarters on the Island are suitable for use as shooting ranges, however the Headquarters will need to be risk assessed by a qualified Shooting Leader before the activity can be run.  There is an Indoor Shooting Range at Corf Campsite.  The Local Scout Shooting Club also hold taster sessions and competitions at the Shanklin Shooting Range.

Applying for a Permit

Anyone interested in applying for a Shooting Activity Permit will need to have completed a recognised Shooting Qualification.  Details of the NSRA Youth Proficiency Scheme Tutor's Diploma can be found on their website.  Once a relevant qualification has been gained an Adventurous Activity Permit Application Form should be completed and submitted Tony Elgar.