Duke of Edinburgh’s Award

For more Information on Duke of Edinburgh's Award contact the County Duke of Edinburgh's Award Advisor (Mrs Kim Smith), ask your leader for their details.
The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is open to all young people in Scouting between the ages of 14 and 25.
A young person can join the scheme on their 14th Birthday and must complete the level of the award they are on by their 25th Birthday.
There are 3 levels of Award an they match closely to the Chief Scout awards in the Explorer and Network sections of Scouting. The levels of the award are
  • Bronze - Chief Scout Platinum Award
  • Silver - Chief Scout Diamond Award
  • Gold - Queens Scout Award

Current Costs to join the award are   Bronze and Silver £15  and Gold £22 as of 1st April 2013

Please check with the County Advisor for any change in cost. 


There are 4 sections at each level of the award with a 5th section a Residential Experience at Gold level.

  • Skill
  • Volunteering
  • Physical Recreation
  • Expedition

 The award can be completed, either in Scouting or outside. The enrolment stays with you as a participant even if you leave Scouting.  The scheme is all electronic and you can access support and resources online. As part of the award you will upload information about what you have done to achieve the award. Your award will be supervised by your Leader or by the County Advisor.

Congratulations to the following people on completing their award in 2013
Ashley Russell
Callum Blackwell
George Huish
Adam Rann


Volunteering Opportunities

This page is dedicated to the Volunteering section of the award scheme.

The volunteering section of the award is an opportunity for you to put something back into the community, many of you within Scouting will do this through the Young Leaders scheme. However, there are many who are not Young Leaders but are loking for a volunteering opportunity. This page will provide you with any opportunities that have been notified to the  D of E Advisor for Island Scouts.

 If you think you have an opportunity for young people to get involved please email or contact  me with the details and I will update the page.


Current Opportunities

Assistance with the maintenance at CORF campsite.

For more information contact  The Explorer Forum member for your unit or Ashley Russell


Volunteering to Help Disabled Swimmers

I have received an  appeal for volunteer helpers for disabled swimming session on Fridays 5.30 - 6.30 pm.
The session is for families with disabled children - it is a happy, relaxed and friendly session. The support allows parents to spend a bit of extra time with their other children or to be able to swim a few lengths on their own, whilst staff and volunteers play with the disabled children. Our responsibilities extend to the pool only and it is great fun - the whole idea is to play and ensure everyone is enjoying their swim.

We have had the benefit of some young volunteers, but for various reasons some have moved on and in addition, numbers attending have increased. We are therefore appealing for more volunteers (any age!) to come forward to help out. For teenagers, it's a great thing to use for D of E awards and generally to be able to put on CV's..for older people it's a great chance to give something back and be part of a very rewarding activity.

Please contact Kim on kim.seventh@gmail.com and I will provide you with more information.




This page is dedicated to the Expedition section of the award.

With a small group of participants this page will offer some information on expeditions as well as potential opportunities to join with a group if you are not able to find a group in your Unit.



THe information on this page can be used to help you decide on what activity you would like to take part in for the Skill section of the award, it will ofer advice on consideration for a skill and the requirements of the award and possible Scouting activities.


Physical Recreation

The information on this page can be used to clarify the Physical Recreation section of the award.