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This page contains all of the latest news and developments from the Training Team, as well as information about upcoming Training courses and events.

Recent Training Achievements

Posted on 11 November 2015 • 

The following people have recently completed 'Getting Started':

January 2014: Will Edwards (AESL), March: Carly Richmond (ACSL), Lucy Savill (ABSL), Kevin Cooper (ASL), Rob Ferguson (GSL), Poppy Dearlove (CSSA), Katrina Shaer (ABSL), Christine Stilgoe (ABSL), David Searle (ACLS),  May: David Chapman (ABSL), Ben Savill (ABSL), October: Ian Morris (ACSL), Connor Jones (CSA), November: Andrew Thomson (ABSL, Jacquie Clarke (CSL).  March 2015: Samantha Blake (ACSL), Cole Grundy (ACSL), Julie Sheppard (ACSL), Gretel Ingham (GSL), Michelle Morris (ACSL), May: Paul Waker (ACSL), Becky Wollweber (ABSL), Pete Tarrant (SL), June: Kimberley Lacey (ABSL), Ella Symons (ASL).  September: Sam Brown (ABSL), October: Linda Caws (SASM), Stewart Marriott (ADC(S)), Claire Smith (ACSL), Stephanie Draper (ACSL), Ali Burt (AGSL), Josh Blair (AESL).

The following people have recently been recommended for their Wood Badge:

January 2014: Gretal Ingham (CSL), Maria Darbon (AESL), March: Belinda Savill (BSL), Jeff Dowsett (BSL), Ashley Russell (ASL), May: Aidan Finch (ACSL), Mathew Tiller (ACSL), Julian Thomas (AAC), Alison Burt (ABSL), David Pearce (SL), June: Ben Savill (ACSL). October: Carol Young (BSL), Ian Morris (ACSL), December: Carly Richmond (ACSL). March 2015: Samantha Blake (ACSL), Gretel Ingham (GSL), Christine Stilgoe (ABSL), May: Paul walker (ACSL), Pete Tarrant (SL), June: Becky Wollweber (ABSL). September: Sam Brown (ABSL) October: Neil Harris (BSL), November: Linda Caws (SASM), Stewart Marriott (ADC S).

The Training Team would like to congratulate them all on their achievements.

What's on in 2016?

Posted on 01 November 2014 • 

There is a host of training available for Leaders and Adults involved in Scouting across the Island, listed below are some of the more specific training sessions available, delivering elements of the National Scheme as well as some locally developed courses:

Executive Committee Training - this training covers the key aspects of the functions and responsibilities of Executive Committees, the roles available, what it means to be a charity trustee and hints and tips on running effective meetings.  A must for all new members of Executive Committees.

Safeguarding Awareness Training - these sessions have been revamped and updated to include thought provoking exercises on applying the 'Yellow Card' to daily Scouting as well as aspects of staying safe online.  Paul, our County Commissioner, would like all Leaders and Adults involved in Scouting on the Island to attend these sessions every 3 years.  For more information just scroll down the page.

Skills for Residential Experiences - Module 38 - this module is the skills and knowledge element necessary for a Nights Away Permit.  It is a weekend spend under canvas at Corf with a mixture of leaders from other Sections learning about the planning and key aspects of running successful residential experiences for the young people in our Sections.  More information can be found in the leaflet which can be downloaded here.

Scouting Skills Training - the training team are offering more skills training during 2015, continuing with the 2 Section Specific Days along with the Scouting Skills Day and Scouting Skills Evening.  All of these sessions offer training on a large range of Scouting Skills that we teach the young people in our Sections. Come and try your hand at a few new skills!  For more information on the Skills training available click here for a leaflet.

Wood Badge Cafe - these sessions continue for 2015, don't forget you can now Skype us from the comfort of your own home! - further information available by scrolling down the page.  A leaflet about these events can be downloaded here.

Wood Badge Weekends - these popular weekends return in the same format as last year, further information on the Section Leaders Training Weekends can be found here, and the Managers & Supporters Weekend here.

Wood Badge Cafe

What can you do at a Wood Badge Cafe?

  • You can still make an appointment to meet with a Training Adviser to complete your Personal Learning (PLP) or validate complete training modules
  • You can still  access the e-learning packages using the training laptops
  • You can still get training on how to use 'My Tools', 'Compass' and Programmes Online (POL)

In addition:

  • You can book an appointment to speak to a Training Adviser to complete your PLP or validate modules using Skype - ideal if you have not got any childcare or transport to enable you to get to the sessions
  • You can book to have one-to-one or small group training on modules of your choice, tailored to your needs (prior booking in essential for this)

 For further information you can download a leaflet here.

150 Wood Badges Recommended!!

The latest Wood Badge Recommendation for James Miller of 1st Freshwater & Totland Scouts brings the total number of Wood Badges Recommended since the change of Training Team in late 2007 to 150!!

This represents an amazing effort on behalf of the Training Team and Adult Leaders alike, with 150 Wood Badges completed and recommended in just over 6 years!

At any one time there are around 140 Adults undergoing training for their role in Scouting here on the Island.  There have also been a number of people who have completed Sectional Assistant Training which is not recognised with the Award of the Wood Badge.

Congratulations to the members of the Training Team, and the 150 proud owners of their Wood Badges!

2011 Training Methods

During 2011 Adult Learners completed 599 modules from the Adult Training Scheme. 

There are a number of methods that adults can use to complete these modules, in line with last year course attendance accounts for half of the methods used to complete training this year (50%), with prior knowledge coming second (28%). 

50% represents 295 attendances at the 20 courses run during 2011.

Safeguarding Awareness Sessions

These sessions are available to all Adults involved in Scouting, this training should be completed every 3 years, and evidence of completing this training is necessary for renewal of appointment.

These sessions are very interactive and thought provoking, covering the following areas:

  • Categories & signs of Child Abuse
  • Safeguarding in Scouting - how to work with the 'Yellow Card' & how to report
  • How to keep Scouting Bullying free
  • How to stay safe on the internet

There are 2 ways to complete Safeguarding Awareness Training.  The first is a face to face Session, listed as module 94 on the Islands training module list, dates of the sessions for 2015 can be downloaded here.  The Second option is to complete an e-learning module.  The e-learning module can only be completed as an update if you have already attended a face to face session in the last 5 years.  Click on the following link for the safeguarding e-learning module.

Safeguarding FAQ

Wanted - 'Group Training Link'

The Training Team are looking for individuals to take on the role of 'Group Training Link'.  This is a new role which has the primary function of supporting and monitoring the progress of adults in training within the Scout Group.

This role can be taken on by uniformed or non-uniformed individuals, and we are looking for one per Scout Group on the Island.  Training for this role will be given in the form of Module 30 Supporting Local Learning, planned for January 2011.

If you would be interested in being your Groups Training Link, please contact David Turner, County Training Manager.

Group Training Link role description.

2012 Training Dates released

Posted on 13 October 2011 • 

The 2012 Training Diary is now available on the Training Diary pages of the website.  A leaflet containing the dates for 2012 can be downloaded here.

Once the venues for the training events are confirmed they will be published in the online training diary, keep coming back to check...

New Module 1 Essential Information

A new version of Module 1 Essential Information has been launch this month (April).  The new elearning material is available via the learners resources page of the national website.

Updates to the Adult's Personal File and Training Advisers Guide can be found on the Adult Learners and Training Advisers pages of this website respectively.

Training 'Clinics' at County Events 2012

Once again, this year the Training Team will be running 'Training Clinics' at large County Events.
These 'Clinics' are drop-in sessions for leaders at camp to come and meet with members of the Training Team to; discuss their training needs, find out what training is on offer, validate training that they have completed or even organise for a practical assessment to be carried out whilst at camp.  The idea behind these sessions is to bring the Training Team to an event that Leaders are already at, reducing the need for them to find time to come outside of their normal Scouting activities.
Confirmed dates & times so far:
County Scout Camp, Saturday 2nd June from 1300 - 1600hrs (download poster here)
County Cub Camp, Sunday 8th July from 0930 - 1300hrs (download poster here)
You can book a place via the on-line Wood Badge Cafe diary page.


Scouting Skills Day 2011

The Scouting Skills day took place on Saturday 7th May with 13 Leaders joining 9 Adult Trainers to learn some of the key 'Scouting Skills' that we pass onto our young people.

There were 10 workshops available during the course of the day on a variety of different subjects from across all of the Sections.  Leaders were also given the opportunity to have a go at Archery.

Colin Cundall demonstrated and talked about Knife, Axe & Saw skills.  He brought along an array of Axes & Saws, and instructed the leaders how to care for and use them, finally giving everyone the opportunity to have a go with both a hand and felling axe.  Everyone managed to finish the session with all their fingers, toes and limbs attached!!

Stewart Marriott ran a workshop on Wood Carving which proved popular with the leaders, who started to carve designs on their own walking staffs.

Geoff Brown ran a workshop on rope making which was also popular, using a simple device to twist threads into a rope.

The regular favorites of fire lighting and backwoods cooking entertained most of the leaders led by Paul Steen, Mike Turner, Paul Downes and Colin, they learnt different techniques and the use of man-made and natural materials to start fires.  Once the main fire got going, they then had the opportunity to have a go at some backwoods cooking with Paul S, Peter Gilliam and Mike Turner and prepare themselves a little bit of lunch!  The rum soaked pineapple went down well! 

David Turner, Peter, Colin and Paul D ran a couple of workshops on common knots and lashings which came in handy a little later in the day!

Mike, John Gulliver and David taught a few leaders how to put up a good old 14ft Ridge Tent, and talked about the benefits and pitfalls of different types of tents and how to look after them.  They managed to get the tents down just before it rained!

Leaders also had the opportunity to learn about and have a go at setting and following their own tracking trails with Pam Taplin, John, David and Colin; Map and compass skills with Mike, Paul and Peter, and Pam and John ran a workshop on arts and crafts where they made some handy sweet/treat boxes, greetings cards and tissue paper carnations!

The day finished with the Leaders and Instructors dividing into 2 teams to build catapults with large pioneering poles which they then used to fire water balloons at each other!  Both of the designs had their strong points, but lots of tinkering and adjustments were made during the water bomb competition, with a little cheating as well!

Thanks go to all the skills instructors who gave up their day to pass on their knowledge and experience and those who provided the opportunity to have a go at Archery & Shooting.

Skills Day will take place again in May time next year, if you would like any specific skills instruction to be included on the day please get in contact with David Turner, County Training Manager.

Pioneering Skills Day 2010

Posted on 24 July 2010 • 

1st Bembridge, St Helen's & Seaview Scout HQ proved to be an ideal location for the Pioneering Skills Day which took place on Saturday 24th July.  The outside space, selection of pioneering poles and rope gave the leaders who took part the opportunity to learn and practice their new pioneering skills.

4 leaders attended the day with a varied experience of pioneering from complete novice to 'a little rusty'.  The object of the day was to give leaders the opportunity to learn about and practice their large scale pioneering skills.  They received instruction from 2 Adult Trainers on not only the practical aspects of pioneering, but also safety considerations and which type of project is appropriate for the Section they work with.

They started the day learning and practicing the five basic knots and lashings used in pioneering.  Following this tuition, they chose to build a Brynback Tower to practice their new skills.  The teamwork was excellent and with a relaxed attitude and gritty determination they completed the tower with blisters and all!!  All of the attendees thoroughly enjoyed the day and left with a great sense of achievement.

The Training Team will be running another large scale pionnering day in June next year.

Wanted - County Training Administrator

We are seeking one individual to join the County Training Team to undertake the role of County Training Administrator.

As County Training Administrator (CTA) you will assist the County Training Manager with all aspects of administration relating to the Adult Training Scheme. Key responsibilities will include using the on-line database to add, update and maintain adult learner information, take and organise bookings for training events, send out invoices and receive payments relating to training activities and minute taking at Team meetings.

You will need to have good communication, administration and organisational skills, as well as being computer literate with internet access and an email account.
Must be flexible and prepared to give your time for a variety of evening and weekend meetings, as well as adhoc time spent taking and processing bookings and maintaining records.This is a voluntary role, but reasonable expenses are paid. You will be required to undertake an enhanced CRB check.
County Training Administrator Role Description
For further information about this role please contact David Turner, County Training Manager 

Pioneering Skills Day 2011

This years Pioneering Skills Day is taking place on Saturday 18th June, from 0930 - 1500hrs at 1st Bembridge, St Helen's and Seaview HQ in Mitten Road, Bembridge.

This skills day is an opportunity for Adult Leaders and helpers in any of the Sections to come along and learn new/brush up on their large scale pioneering skills.  To book a place on this course, please apply on-line via the Training Session Diary Page.

Check out last years event at the bottom of this page, further information on this years event is available here.

'Think You Know' - Internet Safety Training: Train the Trainer Session - Saturday 10th July

Sara Greedy, County Child Protection Co-ordinator, is a trained Ambassador for the Child Exploitation & Online Protection Centre (CEOP).  She is running a Train the Trainer session for those people interested in using the 'Think You Know' materials to teach young people how to be safe on the Internet.


The training is taking place on Saturday 10th July, 1000 - 1230hrs, venue to be confirmed.  This session is listed as module 94c in the on-line training diary, applications to attend can be made in the normal way.

Managing & Supporting Scouting Success

The 'Managing & Supporting Scouting' weekend took place on the weekend of 18th & 19th September.  Four Managers and Supporters took part in the weekend completing a total of 32 modules between them!

The weekend covered the training modules specific to managers and supporters covering recruitment and retention of both adults and young people, the importance of recognising achievement and celebrating successes, the worldwide nature of Scouting, dealing with disputes and growth/development plans amongst other topics.

Wood Badge Weekend Success

Posted on 31 March 2010 • 

The First Wood badge Weekend was held over the weekend of 19th - 21st March, with 5 leaders attending and completing a total of 35 modules between them.  The weekend saw the leaders taking part in a number of tasks and activities including building towers with straws and pins, catapults with bamboo canes and elastic bands, creating posters and balancing on beams!  The weekend was enjoyed by the participants and the trainers alike.  Catering was organised and provided by Terry Cook and Chris Morrison, and no-one went hungry!

Section Leader Wood Badge Weekends provide Adults new to their role in one of the Sections (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts or Explorers) with the opportunity to complete most of the training necessary for their role in one year, and provide an alternative to the module by module method. 

This blended approach to the delivery of the Training Modules enables the elimination of the cross-over and repetition of subjects in some of the modules, meaning that it is possible to complete the bulk of the training in just 2 weekends.