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December 2015 Message from County Commissioner


I can’t believe this is the last message from me this year. In November I talked about how Scouting was going to be represented at Remembrance Parades and I was very proud to see so many of our young people support this important day. Thank you to all leaders who encouraged them to take part and who were there on the day too.

The County team has changed slightly with some new ACCs. International is now Malcolm Smith, Adventure is Gary Meek, Network is Gretel Ingham and Development is Julian Thomas. We’ll tell you more about what their roles are in the New Year. I’d also like to welcome new GSLs Sarah Morrison, James Miller, Louise Metcalfe and Matt Tiller and new District beaver Scout Leader, Jo Lardner. Thank you too to everyone that took up the training offered by the RDS in November.

The three Cs are approaching. Christmas is one of course; I’m just back from watching panto along with a lot of Beavers in Cowes.

Hiding around the corner is Compass (it’s behind you). This will come back online for adult records early next year. We need to ensure that training records, permits and DBS are all up together so when you look at it is right. Please let ACC Adventure Gary Meek know which permits you have renewed or earned in the last 18 months. I need at least 4 new Compass super users to help me and the team bring the records up to date. This role will give you access to the whole county and will last from January – April. We will work together to make Compass data right, let me know if you can help, any one is allowed to do this role.

The third C is census (oh yes it is!) We will be doing it the old way again. 2016 though heralds free membership for all adult volunteers and Network. Please do all you can to ensure that it gets done on time, fingers crossed it’s the last one to do!


You should have seen a pilot newsletter from the Wight Rovers last week if you haven’t it is on the website. Our hope is that my message will appear in that format from now on. Let me or Mac Cox know what you think of it. 

Whilst you are thinking about what should be in the newsletter let me or your DCs know what should be in #IsleShape on 6th March. What sort of workshops, presentations or games would you like to see? There will be information on how to get more young people with additional needs to join us and something on developing Young Leaders, what else would you like? Don’t forget the event is open to all Leaders, Explorers, YLs and Network along with executive members, section assistants and SAS so ask for their thoughts too. #IsleShape is free with lunch provided and counts towards your continuing development. How to book your place will be in January’s newsletter.

I haven’t had any expressions of interest from 18-25 year olds on the Local Youth Commissioner role yet, so I’ve put that recruitment on hold until the New Year too. I’m sure there will be more interest once the role spreads across other counties and you start to hear what an impact it can make.

If you want to make an impact at Corf come along to the last of this year’s CCNEST 1000-1500 on Sunday 13th December. It should be relatively clean event as we are only measuring and marking trees. This is to identify which ones need to come down over the next few years. As there are hundreds to do all help would be really appreciated and there will be a free BBQ to keep you going. CCNEST do amazing work at Corf normally digging trenches, raking leaves and building crazy fences. Show you appreciate their work by hugging a tree with us!

I’ve seen lots of pictures from groups having great Christmas themed parties and activities. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a nice rest before all the sections meet again in 2016. I’m on standby to visit lots of you next year, if I survive Winter Camp at Gilwell, and look forward to hearing what your young people are achieving for themselves and our community.




November 2015 Message from County Commissioner

Hello everyone,
I have started tapping this month's message out whilst at Kingswood , Bembridge with 30 Cubs , Scouts and Explorers. Thank you to CSL Ric Ambridge for organising a weekend of spooky adventure. I made it  to the top of the "leap of faith" and then spectacularly span off as I stood up, rather than making an impressive jump to the target!
However, our target of reaching 1500 young people as members in 2018  ( see what i did there?) looks like being hit long before then as we have recorded well over 1300 in October 2015. This is all down to great programmes you are delivering, that is what makes our members stay, and to the support from our execs.  Really well done.
We are focusing on the move from Scouts to Explorers for a while and a leaflet detailing all 12 units meeting times etc. is now available. Don't be surprised if we start asking about the ages of your Scouts so we can let them know the choices available. Some Young Leaders don’t know they can be members of Units as well and should be given flexibility to aim for their CSA and D of E awards.
You will have received another leaflet in the post explaining how you can get support from the Regional Development Service. If you didn’t get a copy email . We have some tailored free courses available for everyone on the island over the weekends of 21st /22nd  and 28th/29th November. Have a look at the link here and to find out what is available and  book what you need. The sessions on group development plans are crucial if you haven't made a start on yours , as they need to be done by 31.12.15. Every leader, assistant and young leader and group exec member should have some input into these plans.
I ran a “really useful” meeting last Thursday with the County team and the District teams together. We discussed the aims of the County Plan, what our members said at Walkie Talkie Toot Toot and subjects we need to cover at Isle Shape on 6th March. I’ll be posting the WTTT answers on our website rather than clog your inboxes. Look out for ways you can get involved in task groups around Cubs 100 , Adventure and SAS development.
In last months message I mentioned the new post of Local Youth Commissioner. This will be open to any one 18-25 years old. The selection process will include running a 15 minute You shape theme session for Beavers or Cubs on one night ( as listed at WTTT) followed by a Dragon’s Den interview where a short presentation on “How Youth Shaped Scouting should progress on the Island” more details will follow but I would like expressions of interest ( just name, dob and contact details)  from possible candidates by 30th November please. If you are 14-25 and would like to be on the Dragon’s Den Panel give me a shout.
I have started a twitter account but I'm still learning how to #, you can follow me at @paul_cciow. Using social media is great way to share with parents, and the wider world, what great things we are up to. Please remember though they can see the negative comments and sometimes bad language used so don’t be caught out. Thanks
I will be off to France again on the 10th November to play in services at Thiepval on the Somme. As the 11th has moved to a weekday now though it does mean i will be here on the 8th November and will attend Island services  too. Wear your poppy over your membership badge. I hope to see as many of our 1320 members supporting the RBL as possible.
Thank you for all that you are doing and have a great November what ever you are planning.

October 2015 Message from County Commissioner

Hello everyone,

I finally have a twitter account so you can follow me @paul_cciow . I am starting to write this in Swanage just before going on stage with the Band of the Hampshire Constabulary for Heroes Haven which offers holidays and respite to injured ex service personnel. This time last year i was just about to leave the police, can’t believe how quickly it has gone. I also did one of the nature walks at Corf, which was a real insight into how the site changes throughout the seasons. If you want to do a walk for your section or group contact VP Anthony Roberts.

  • “Walkie Talkie Toot Toot” was amazing; thank you to everyone that came and a special thanks to adults, network and explorers who helped me on the day. We have sent a donation to the IOW Bus museum and Ability Dogs for young people. The badge can be worn on your uniform until 01.09.16. Keep sending me photos please.
  • I’ve attached (Here) the questions in case you want to use them in your section forums. I’ve also attached (Here and Here) the County Plan. I expect all groups to have something of a plan on paper by the end of the year. We can offer help and there is a Group Development tool (Here) but I really don’t need anything complicated, just an idea that you have looked at where you are now, where you want to be in 2018 and how you’ll get there is fine. Your GSL should be arranging some meetings to get everyone involved. The answers from WTTT will be sifted through at a meeting for the combined county and district teams at Corf, 1900 on 29th October. If you have a burning desire to be involved let me know.


  • I am pleased to announce that, following the Network Reboot, Gretel Ingham will now by ACC Network and Malc Smith ACC International. Julian Thomas is going to take over a new role as ACC Development. I now have some vacancies that i need to fill on the county team namely ACC Activities (adventure) and Local Youth Commissioner If you are interested in the ACC Activities Role let me know by 30th October and i can describe what the role needs to achieve. Watch out for a separate advert for the Youth Commissioner.


  • You will have seen lots of award ceremonies for CSAs and a QSA in the press and on Facebook. Please let us know about any awards for your sections and we will gladly come along to show how important getting the top awards are to all our young people. We are currently asking for a snap shot of section numbers to see how the summer has gone, early indications are growth is happening everywhere.


  • Explorer leaders met recently and it was great to hear what is everyone is up to and the current challenges. Thanks to the DESCs Rosie and Claire for organising. Mostly the theme for our units is linking with troops and making sure Scouts know that there are 12 units across the island meeting on different evenings to suit. There will be a leaflet available for scouts soon with all the information on.


  • Save the date- 6th March 2016 i will hold the annual conference more details will appear shortly, the event will be called "Isle Shape" and I hope more of you will be able to make it as we moved it to a Sunday. Sorry it is Mother's day but you’ll be home in time for tea!


  • In November training will be provided by the RDS. Over the weekend 21st and 22nd and 28th and 29th Brand awareness, Safety in Scouting , Parental Engagement, RAG analysis and Practical Managers sessions will be available. Just waiting for confirmation this week of times. Please make every attempt to take part as I can only get this provided once a year. Some new GSLs are receiving 1-2-1 training which is great. If you think you have what it takes to be GSL talk to Mandy or John who both have some vacancies.


  • I am aware of a large number of outstanding DBS checks. I know some are stuck in the system but most are only taking a matter of days. If yours is over 5 years old you are not  able to take part in any event with Young People under 18 and should not be surprised if your GSL asks you to leave scout please chase it up.

Finally I am thinking about restarting the county cyclo cross in March, if anyone has previous experience of what we need to do.... get in touch!






August 2015 Message from County Commissioner

Hello everyone

I am going to try and keep this month’s message shorter than usual, mainly because the draft i wrote has disappeared and our RDO Kelly has a message tagged onto the end too.

Draw tickets for Bestival tickets and Wight link vouchers are still on sale, don’t forget the photo competition too.

Our website is up and running and looking good. Thank you to Trevor McAlister for working so hard on it. Please have a look at the content for your group and check it reads ok and is up to date. We should be uploading some great jamboree stories and pictures back from Japan. The County fund for 2019 has been left in very healthy state so have a look at your young people and anyone with an inkling of wanting to go the USA in 2019 or Uganda in 2017 should come along to presentations by the Japan unit. I’m sure their enthusiasm will rub off.

It was great to catch up with some groups as they had award evenings in July. I am eager to meet some sections that i still haven’t had a chance to see in your meeting place, so  send me your programmes or details of special events that i could visit in the autumn.

The badge for the Walkie Talkie event on 3rd October is on order and the activities are coming together. I had a great response from leaders who will be helping on the day and No Limits ESU will be supporting me too. The letter attached is a draft for you to use so it will need editing with times etc. Only three groups have estimated their numbers and been given times to get to the bus museum. The quicker you let me know the better chance you have of grabbing the slot you want. The cost is only £2.50 each for the whole day and includes the round 3” badge this year. It counts as a Hike away.

An Appointments Advisory Panel had been planned for August and with over 25 adults waiting to go through we thought we would have some come forward. We haven’t had anyone though and had to cancel. There is one in September; so if you know an adult going through the “getting started” process and has not been please get them to contact John Earley, don’t assume someone else is doing it. We have to reassure parents that our leaders and assistants are the best and showing they have completed this process maintains our reputation. Thanks

Finally I’m sure you heard the Compass is still slowly being released but we will have to complete a census in the old way again for 2016. Our County development plan was really on Compass giving us a regular snapshot of group growth and awards. Your DCs will be after some figures in September to see how each of your sections are doing and how many leaders and assistants are regularly running sessions. We want this information so we can plan ahead, see which groups might need more support in recruiting and also to map areas where scouting might not be accessible to some young people. Please don’t think of this as an admin exercise it is truly important to me, the RDO and the County team. Thank you.

I’m out at Corf for the weekend of 21st-23rd August. The “Nexplorer” event is also on Saturday 22nd and has still has some spaces if your unit or older scouts want to attend.


Paul Savill


Message from Kelly

Hi All, I hope your summer is going well!
The months are going by so quickly I can't believe we are almost into a new school term.
Over the past month I have attended a number of promotion/recruitment days.
I attended the Dash and Splash in Sandown where over 100 people ran from Shanklin to Yaverland across the beach,  they were very successful and  I hope to be involved again in 2016.
I also attended the Newport Parish Fair which although a bit soggy it was great to see Explorers out fundraising by selling cakes which sold, well, like hot cakes!
Cera Bulpitt and I went to Medina Collage to recruit explorer aged young people. We met over 200 young people and handed out wristbands with contact details on so they could find out more about Scouting. We got a lot of positive comments and excitement from the young people.
I attended Rhythm tree on the first day and although it was quiet we were in a prime position, next to the stage and the pizza! Paul and the rest of the team did well and recruited 7 young people.
I visited 1st Bembridge, Seaview and St. Helens for their last night of the term, AGM and BBQ which was wonderfully supported by the parents and young people. It was great to hear all of the exciting things they had done throughout the year and to witness some awards being presented as well as talking to older scouts and their parents about the options after they turn 14.
I also attended Pan Fest in Newport , the soap box cars were a BIG hit . We had a lot of interest from families who wanted their children to join Scouting.
The Network was approached by V-Dub Festival to do some marshalling as a fundraising event. I went down on the first day to lend a hand . I was made to feel very welcome by the organisers. Well done to everyone who helped out, you put in some long shifts!
I have been in contact with people from the Short Breaks team since  March and they had their annual fun-day at Medina leisure centre. Although it poured down all day and we were re-located to the main hall the day was a great success. We had a lot of people come and make some armpit fudge and 11 of them signed up. The Short Breaks fun day was for people with additional needs and their siblings/families. We had two young people want to join Scouting who would require 1-1 support on the evenings. If you know anyone who would be interested in helping out please pass on my details to them. It would be a great way to gain more experience to put on CV's etc.
Ian Gear, Mike Gildersleeves and I took the Scouting name to a Christian festival in Newport called 'Parklife'. We set up tents and had a small recruitment stand where 10 young people signed up. Unfortunately the planned second day was called off due to the rain and we took everything down, in true scouting style - in the rain.
For the coming months I plan to attend more recruitment events as well as Gilwell Reunion to find out how other groups/areas do things as well as hold recruitment events for groups I am working with. I hope that I will make more contacts with outside organisations, like short breaks, and we can work together to provide scouting to those people who thought they wouldn't be able to join.
I also plan to launch Flaming Mallows, the new explorer scout unit which is based in Ventnor towards the end of the summer holidays and into September.

While I am at different recruitment events it always surprises me how many young people are already involved in Scouting, we are doing something right - keep it up!

Kelly :)

July 2015 Message from County Commissioner

Hello everyone

Well I’m back from Wild West Cub Camp, hundreds of young people enjoyed a great weekend and all the leaders and district teams should be proud of what they achieved. It came on the back of the fabulous Beaveree giving our youngest members a Scouting experience to remember. If you haven’t been able to join in with County camps this year let the organisers know, we can work together to find groups to join with to cover leader gaps, as long as you can send some parents.

Of course next year will be Cubs 100 so what an excuse for a great programme of celebrating and adventure.

Please sign up to A+Million+Hands and get your free pack to plan your Community Impact project. I had a teleconference with other CCs across the SE and its  clear you don’t have to team up with the national partners, I’m hoping to have some information on a project that helped Young People classed as NEETs(Not in Education, Employment or Training)

The team that worked incredibly hard at IoW Festival, led by Steve Bulpitt and Ian Gear, raised £1700 shared between the Jamboree fund and other groups. We will work on a plan to allow more people to get involved next year but we are limited by how many wristbands we are allowed. If you would like a mini festival experience this year I have 8 wristbands for Rhythm tree 17-19 July. Let me know if you can help, it would have to be the whole weekend. Thanks

Our Jamboree Unit are off to Kirara-hama, Japan soon.  I wish Elaine and the unit yoi ryokō o, good luck, for the trip and am excited to think IOW Scouting will be represented far away around the world.

Plans are now in place for Walkie Talkie Toot Toot on 3rd October; sorry the draft letter hasn’t arrived yet. Please get parents to keep the date free, times will be circulated once I have an idea of numbers from your group. I had no replies from any GSLs in June about this so hence the delay in the letter.

The county website is still under wraps as weren’t able to go live on 20th June as planned, stand by for more information.

I’ve attached the new water classifications that we are going to submit to HQ at the end of July, this will replace the current classifications from 1st January 2016 and should be a much better, practical document for you. We have overcome most of the fears we had about classifications preventing us getting on the water. Corf Lake will stay as Class C during the summer months. Thank you to John Dickinson and Geoff Brown who did all the hard work looking at charts and maps for me.

Speaking of Corf, don’t forget the chance to camp there for only £2 a night between 8th and 15th August. We have the South Wight campsite too which provides a great hideaway and fantastic views across the Channel.

If you have received this email for your group or unit (or are going to pass the information on via Facebook) let me know. I still get grumbles about information not arriving but no one tells me officially that this has got to you ...waiting for a torrent of replies now!!

Have a great July, all the best for AGMs, Family Camps, expeditions and end of term parties.


Paul Savill

June 2015 Message from County Commissioner

Welcome to June everyone; I hope the sun stays with you all to get all our members outside again! I only have a few invitations to your sections in the next month so please contact me if you would like me to pop along.

Volunteer week has whizzed by, thank you for all that you do. I was able to award four Commissioner’s Commendations for the AGM, there are lots of others that I hope to thank properly in the future.

Don’t forget one way to value those who support us is to make sure their role is properly recognised. I know the adult record system is a bit of a shambles but there is no excuse not to have reviewed roles, got DBS checks completed or renewed. Please don’t be put in an embarrassing situation when ADCs, DCs or I ask about a helper’s DBS. Every group should have an Atlantic/DBS contact who can sort it out for you. Let me know if this is not the case for you.

There is some Executive training on 15th June; GSLs untrained executive members or prospective recruits must come along. The County Chair Graham Morris will be there! This course dispels the myths about being a trustee.

We have already had some great county events open to all. Corf Open Day saw over 600 people on our site many of whom had never been to Corf and were new to what we offer. It was fantastic to see young people with additional needs there and 16 young people joined us that day along with some new adults. Please keep the momentum going and talk to your parents about the benefits of joining us.  The Wild Animals County Scout Camp was a blast and saw the Network shine as helpers to Barrie, Malcolm and me. 2016’s theme is “Food glorious Food” as voted for by the Scouts ! I’m looking forward to the Movie Beaveree and a visit there from the new Regional Commissioner, Ian Newbery. The Wild West County Cub Camp will be just after. Good luck too if you have family camps planned.

Look out for changes to our website we hope to go live with the new look from June 20th. Also look out for draw tickets with Bestival tickets as the main prize. Your group gets  to keep 50% of any draw tickets sold by you. Contact Malcolm Cox if you want to benefit from this.

Keep the date free- 3rd October is Walkie Talkie Toot Toot. A draft letter for each section will be coming out soon. The day will start at Ryde at the Bus Museum. Groups can travel together this year ( I listened!) so Beavers, Cubs and Scouts travel together on an old Double Decker to Osborne House. There will be time to walk to Swiss Cottage, down to the beach and back up to the Durbar lawn before returning to Ryde and visiting the bus museum. There will be a chance to ask our members how they want to shape scouting, if you can think of an innovative to get them engaged let me know. Explorers and Network will be running the bases this year but I will need some more adult help too, let me know if you are free. The cost will be £2.50 each and will include a badge.            GSLs- Please let me know a rough count of how many members are likely to come along from your group so I can ensure there are enough buses. We are planning for 300 but can take more. 


Paul Savill

May 2015 Message from County Commissioner

Hello everyone

I was able to spend the day at Windsor on Sunday watching Jamie Wareing parade with 480 other Queen’s Scouts, a lovely day. George Huish from Extreme should be the next QSA recipient. Sorry I couldn’t be at the St Georges day Parades here. The photos I’ve seen look great.

We’ve had an input about the transition to the refreshed programme. One link here will help you if you need it.

As we move into to our outdoor season properly there is lots happening this month, here’s a taster...

2nd May –1930 Leaders and helpers social - The Marquee, Tuttons Hill, Gurnard- there will be tea and coffee and cake ( My 50th birthday!) and a bar open. A live band will also be on the stage for a couple of sets. Happy for you to bring your family there is lots of space...

3rd May – Kelly will be at Northwood House with the volunteer fair

4th May- 1st Gurnard and 6th Newport will be in the Gurnard Village procession. Come to the Fayre at  1300, there are goats, bouncy castles, archery, bees, wood crafts and much more see our Face Book page for more information

16th May – Corf Open day- 1000-1600. The idea is to show off what we have and what we do,  to the public. It’s free...The more of us  there wearing scarves the better it will be. Most of the jobs are covered but we still need some more arm wavers to control traffic please if you can spare us some time. You can come as sections or get families and friends to turn up and enjoy a great day. The poster for public is attached. The poster for us is different as it is offering free camping to you. We have some groups already booked in to camp there is space for more. We would particularly like you to invite young people who may have disabilities or other barriers they believe stop them joining us. If anyone is struggling with transport we might be able to arrange some mini buses.

20th May – County AGM- it might not be exciting enough for you but there will be awards, a guest speaker, and me! All taking place at 1930 at 1st Newport. Its another chance to have a chat, get your Group exec members along...

22nd-25th May- Scout County Camp- a great programme is developing for the weekend. Although a couple of the sites are closed there is still space for  more troops to get involved even if you just want to visit on the Saturday. Contact Barrie Price for more information...GSLs please bring your Group Exec Chairs out on Saturday  23rd from 1200. They can meet the County Exec Chair informally, get to see what there help achieves ( Scouts in action!) and I will organise some lunch for them.

I know you are all doing great activities with your sections and units. Hearing about good programme is always exciting, its what brings young people to us as we continue to grow.



Hope to see you soon


Paul Savill

March 2015 Message from County Commissioner

Hello everyone,

As usual I am listening to music randomly shuffled by iTunes, you’ll understand if you came to the conference, and “The Wombles are on Parade” is playing!( Drill can be a thrill...the massed bands are convening on the corner...if you hear the euphonium you can’t forget...) not sure how it will influence my typing.

Thank you to the 63 members who came along to the Conference on 7th March to take part in discussions on Youth Shaped Scouting and Growth. Thank you as well to my team for helping to make it happen, our SAS, Don and Becky from the RDS, Kelly our new RDO, the new media team “Wight Rovers” and of course Hannah Kentish  UK Youth Commissioner for such a good talk and leading the morning session. So have all the ideas gone in one ear ... no definitely not... a task force, led by GSL Rod Warne, is ready to delve into all the suggestions generated and will make recommendations to me and the County exec before the AGM on 16th May.

The plan is to repeat the conference over the first weekend of March next year, at the same venue as it was so good. I’d like a straw poll on whether we should change to Sunday for  2016 to allow those with Saturday commitments to attend. Let me know your thoughts. Hannah said we should rename the conference to get more young people there, how about “Caulktalk”? Keep the 3rd October free for the next Walkie Talkie event based around Osborne House , I’ve booked 300 spaces. I’ve also attached the “raw data” from WTCC 2014.

As i said above Kelly Reay  is now working on the Island to help with growth. Working alongside two other RDOs 6 groups have been picked already to get Kelly started. If you want Kelly to help with your plans you need to request her time through me at the moment. Part of the project is to assess how good or bad our meeting places are. We will send out a self assessment tool soon and there may be some money available to sort out issues around access. Have a look at your hall does it say Scouting is happening there?

Census is upon us, thanks again for sticking with it through the Compass complications. Most recent news is that Compass will be running in a limited way in 5 weeks time. No news as I write, i hope we can say more young people are enjoying Scouting than at the beginning of last year.

I’ve been out and about again presenting Chief Scout awards to 2nd Ryde Beavers, and 1st Wootton Scouts. In fact the invites have been coming in so fast my Deputies Geoff and David have been out too presenting top awards. Well done to everyone that has achieved their CSA. I’ve seen Cub sleepovers, seen awesome Pinewood derby races, listened in on Wood badge training at Corf and will be helping YL training on the 28th March. Good luck to those at the Volunteer Fair on 21st March or those trying  free Combat Laser at Corf. I’ll be with Graham Morris County Chair in Surrey meeting with SE region Commissioners and Chairs and our new Regional Commissioner Ian Newbery.

Since my last message I’ve been very lucky and visited Guernsey and Jersey as an honourary part of the SW regional team as they search for a new Island and Bailiwick Commissioner. It was great meeting GSLs and other section leaders and found they have very similar issues to us around growth and recruitment.

Of course there have been meetings to attend, one of which was the County Finance meeting. The spot light is on us , in a good way , at the moment and we are in a great position to put in more bids to charities and other funding streams. I need two or three people who would like to write some bids either for group or county projects. The idea would be to do 2 or 3 and then hand on the knowledge to the next volunteer. There is some training available I'll circulate the details again.

Another meeting is to manage Corf; an incredible amount of work goes on each week to maintain the site. 1st Newport scouts have been out clearing ditches and leaves (and burning them) which obviously helps the site but also completed parts of various challenge badges for them. Speak to Barrie Price for more opportunities like this. Every scout/explorer who attends gets a free night camping.

To promote greater use of Corf we are holding an Open Day there on 16th May 1000-1600. All groups and families are welcome, activities will be going on through the day. If anyone would         like to camp on the 16th we will allow you to camp for free, as long as you are showing off scouting to the public in return! Please invite non members along it will be free entry. If you fancy             helping on the day let me know.

Finally I attended the funeral of Martin Poynter today, his funeral procession brought Newport to a stop and there was standing room only in The Minster. Martin was a great advert for how you can make a difference in your community. He was Beaver scout leader with 1st Newport in the 1990s and i was proud to see some leaders attend in uniform. Our thoughts and wishes are with his family. They played “Proud” by M People as the service ended, I thought the words were perfect.

    What have you done today to make you feel proud?
    It's never too late to try
    What have you done today to make you feel proud?
    You could be so many people
    If you make that break for freedom
    What have you done today to make you feel proud?

Thank you for all that you do in your community, I hope you get the credit you all deserve.

Keep on Wombling!



Paul Savill