Cowes Explorer Scout Unit

Cowes Explorer  Scout Unit originally supported the 4 Scout Groups in Cowes - 2nd Cowes, 1st East Cowes, 1st Gurnard and 1st Northwood.  When a Scout reaches the age of 14 and wishes to continue in Scouting, he or she could move to Cowes ESU.  In the Autumn of 2011, each of the Groups decided to adopt their own Unit; now the Cowes Unit is based solely at Northwood.  The original reason for an Area Unit rather than Group Units was to provide greater numbers for activities, etc., but with the wishes of the young people, the problems of integrating land and sea scouts and transport problems, it was decided that each Group could support its own Unit.

Explorer Scouts run a Balanced Programme, as in the younger Sections and complete work towards a smaller selection of badges, the ultimate being the Queen's Scout Award.  At the age of 18, members  move on to the Scout Network and can continue working towards the Queen's Scout Award, if necessary.

Contact details can be found in the County Directory, or you can use the Contact Us page and select "Cowes ESU" to send an email.