Tips for using the E-Book

The e-book is in PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader or another PDF reader, you can download for free the latest version of Acrobat Reader using the following link Get Acrobat Reader

For computers that support “Autorun”, simply insert the disc into your computer to play. If the programme does not begin automatically, double click on the PDF file of the disc.
When the programme has started you should see on your computer screen the front cover of the book. You can understand what is happening and make changes to the appearance by the following on screen tools.



1.    PrintLeft click to display page print facility.                            
2.    Page number – Displays the page number in the screen and total number of pages in the document.
3.    Increase/decrease page sizeIncreases or decreases the size of  the page in the screen displayed
4.    Fit to window width and enable scrolling – left click automatically fills the available screen size with the page.
5.    Fit one full page to windowleft click automatically fills the available screen with a complete page.
6.    View file in Read Modeleft click removes all the information from the screen and leaves just the page to read.
7.     “Voice Control”  - Left click - View - Read out Loud -Activate Read Out Loud
8.    Chapter Thumbnailsleft click on any displayed Chapter or page to go straight to the selected chapter/ page.
9.    Shows every page – left click icon to display every page in the left hand window.
10.Bookmarks Displays any bookmarks set in the programme.
11.Shows each Section Number or page and starting point
12.Viewed Page