Project Unit activities for 2012

We're working on plans for 2012 which will be based around a major raffle which will be drawn at our Jubilee event.

.... watch this space for more information!

Previous Fundraising for Scout Projects

What's Happening?
In 2009, the Fellowship and Friends raised funds for a project at Corf Campsite by selling Fluffy Bees at the Isle of Wight Festival, in association with Gift To Nature.

For 2010 the team (Malcolm & Julie Cox, Barry Groves, Stewart Marriott, Mandy Holloway, Geoff Brown, David Pearce and Paul Savill) have reformed to work on fundraising events to support projects at Corf campsite and to boost funds for the 2011 Jamboree Contingent costs. The fundraising team is now operating as a County SAS Unit for fundraising and other projects.

As part of the fundraising, we will also be running a national recruitment drive at the Isle of Wight Festival. We also went to RibEx (the Rigid Inflatable Boat Exhibition in Cowes - May 7-9), which was opened by Bear Grylls, who signed some of our PR material (click on the photo to see a bigger copy, and there are more photos of RibEx below).

What are we raising funds for?

We're raising funds for 2 major projects:

The 2011 Jamboree contingent

The Island is sending 18 Scouts and leaders to the Jamboree in Sweden in 2011. The cost  per Scout is a massive £2,011 per Scout (the "wealthier" countries subsidise the costs of the "less wealthy" ones). The County have to guarantee that the full cost of our contingent is met - if the Jamboree team can't raise the full amount, the 2011 membership fees will have to be increased for every Scout to help fund the shortfall. So we're working hard to help - and we need your help to make sure that the Jamboree fund target is met. For more information on the 2011 Jamboree follow the links on our main page.

Development at the IW Scouts Corf Campsite

Two significant developments have recently occurred for the Corf Campsite. Last year to make Corf more environmentally ‘green’ and provide our Scouts using the site with a good eco-example, a project to install solar photovoltaic (PV) panels was agreed, the cost of this will be about £23,000. At the IW Festival last year about £2,500 was raised towards this and recently we have been awarded a Low Carbon Business Programme grant of £10,000 towards this project. We thus need another £10,500 to be able to get this project under way. When operational the economic benefit to the Corf site of this project will be most worthwhile as it will significantly reduce the electricity costs.

The second development has been the recent agreement with the Island youth organisation Challenge & Adventure for them to jointly use Corf with the Scouts in a partnership. For this to happen a new building will be required at Corf for our joint use which will be built with funds available to Challenge & Adventure. The details of this new building have now to be discussed and agreed with the aim of it coming into use for the 2012 season.

Both of these projects will bring significant improvements to Corf with benefits to everyone using the campsite.

 A small percentage of the funds raised will cover our expenses and PR and will help establish the new SAS unit.

What are the events?
We will be running 2 Raffles:

Raffle 1 will run through the spring and will raise funds for the Jamboree contingent. Tickets will be available for Scout Groups to sell (subject to conditions concerning return of unsold tickets). We will also sell tickets at RibEx and at the Summet Fayre on 24th July, when the raffle will take place. Ex-Scout, Rob da Bank has donated Bestival tickets as the main prize. Other prizes will include a Robin Hill family pass; Blackgang Chine family pass; and 2 pairs of secateurs signed by gardening ex-Scout Alan Titchmarsh.

Raffle 2 will be run at the Isle of Wight Festival. Prizes will include 2 pairs of 2011 Isle of Wight Festival tickets, the first prize will also include a camping package provided by Tangerine Fields. Third prize will be Wightlink ferry tickets. Festival organiser and ex-Scout John Giddings will be supporting us to raise funds for the Corf campsite eco- and building projects. We can supply tickets for this raffle to groups IF YOU ASK FOR THEM - they will not be issued as sale-or-return and all tickets sent to groups must be paid for.

 If you can help sell, or want to buy raffle tickets, please contact us via the contacts page or directly (contact details for the team are in the County Directory). We will also welcome any ideas for future fundraising or PR projects for Isle of Wight Scouts, or can offer any help with our projects please contact any member of the team.

Thanks for your continued support

     MaC and the team





Our thanks to Hugo, Michaela, Steve and the rest of the RibEx team who let us have a stall, selling raffle tickets...... Well, the weather kept the crowds at bay and we had a few logistics problems so we'll just call it a learning curve ready for the Festival, and a PR exercise; but WHAT a PR exercise! And thanks to the other exhibitors for being so friendly (and taking the team for a Rib ride afterwards)! Here are a few photos of the event - featuring Chief Scout Bear Grylls, who we hope to see again as he has strong ties with the Island:


Since when did the weather affect a bunch of Scouts? Note Barry is wearing the new SAS scarf.


It certainly didn't affect the RIBs!


Chief Scout Bear Grylls was dressed for the ocasion, so the rain didn't bother him either!


Yes Stewart, we'll put his name down for Beavers in a few years!


'Ello, 'Ello, 'Ello, Wot's all this 'ere then? It's Bear and ACC Paul


 Barry, Bear, Rosey, Stewart and Geoff (and I was stuck in Germany).......




National Recruitment Drive at the 2010 Isle of Wight Festival

Last year at the Isle of Wight Festival we were amazed at the number of ex-Scouts and ex-Guides we met while we were selling Fluffy Bees. If all goes well, this year we will be running a recruitment drive at the Festival - targeting those ex-Scouts and ex-Guides to try to tempt them back into Scouting as leaders. Festival organiser John Giddings (himself an ex-Scout) is giving us space to park the MDU (Scout HQ's mobile display unit - a specialy designed artic trailer unit), the rest is up to us! We would stil like hear from any leaders willing to help work on the MDU at the Festival.

                           Watch this space for more information soon!