Introduction to the Wight Rovers Media Team

Posted by Malcolm Cox on 11 November 2015 • 

The Wight Rovers Media Team is a way of involving Scouts in our Public Relations.

As Media Development Manager I manage the team, although County Youth Commissioner Victoria Lawton has recently come on board as Team Coordinator

The reasons are simple: to help increase our Public Profile and to help our Scouts develop an interest in Media work. We’d like to get at least one Scout from each section of every Scout group to join the team.

Team members can cover events in their own group and upload photos and stories to our closed Facebook Group. We’ll help with story writing and photo editing, and publish the finished items to our County website or social media sites, local press or Scout HQ for national PR.

The stories can also be edited into an Island wide newsletter, subject to one small detail….. we desperately need to recruit an editor! If you are interested in the role please contact me.

We will be providing media training for team members:

  • We will be holding more introductory Media course
  • Later on will be holding a course to help you with your Photography
  • If we have enough team members, we can get our national media team to run a more detailed media course later in the year.

We’d like team members to come along and help us by taking photos, interviewing people and writing stories at our County and District events. These events will include:

  • Beaveree
  • County Open Weekend
  • Walkie Talkie Events
  • IsleSpeak
  • County, District, Group and Section camps and activities


We’ll be helping you with media related badgework.

And you’ll get a unique Wight Rovers Media Team badge to wear on your uniform – designed for us by John Giddings and the Isle of Wight Festival graphics team (on the right of this page).

If you’d like to join the team contact Malcolm Cox at or you can find me on our County Facebook page   /iwscouts .