Scouts go Green at Corf

Posted on 14 July 2010 • 

At the beginning of July, an array of 20 photo-volcaic panels was mounted on the roof of the Wheeldon Centre.  This will generate a maximum of 4 kW per hour which is fed into the National Grid.  The size of the installation was chosen to give the maximum price of 41 pence per kW hour, guaranteed by the Department for Energy and Climate Change.  At present, it costs about 9 pence per Unit (kW/hr) to buy electricity at Corf.

It was part funded by fundraising at the last 2 Isle of Wight Festivals and a Low Carbon Building Programme grant.  This grant had an expiry date, so the project had to go ahead before all the money was raised; the shortfall being supplied temporarily by County.

Since installation the panels have earned an average of £39 per week for Island Scouts.  Allowing for shorter daylight hours in the winter and taking into account the electricity used at Corf over the year, there should be a surplus of electricity fed into the National Grid.

The design of the installation allows an easy transfer to a new building when the Wheeldon Centre is replaced.  This area was chosen because of the large access to clear sky amongst the trees.

Chief Scout visits Cowes

When Bear Grylls, UK Chief Scout, opened the RibEx exhibition in Cowes recently, the County team took the opportunity to increase the profile of Scouting on the Island and also to raise some money for the contingent travelling to the World Jamboree in Sweden next year.  After the official opening, Bear was dragged to our stand by his young son who had obtained some 'fluffy bees' from us earlier.  The Chief Scout immediately offered to sign one of the new IW promotional banners.  Unfortunately, it was a schoolday which meant that younger members of the movement did not have the chance to meet Bear, although 2 scouts from Cowes were visiting with their class and obtained his autograph.

Eric Warner Night Hike

East Wight Scouts battled the wind and rain overnight on 21st November in the Eric Warner Night Hike Competition. The event started at 1st Brighstone HQ, and the eleven teams had to navigate their way through the footpaths to Corf. This year’s theme was ‘Moon Landing’ and the 11 teams, each with 4 Scouts, had to visit 7 ‘moon’ bases and tackle various tasks. Inevitably, some wrong paths were taken, but the excellent Search and Rescue Team got everyone back on track, and all teams arrived safely at Corf, tired and muddy,but happy! Then after the final ‘moon’ quiz, few people got much sleep due to the level of excitement!! Although the trophy went to Team India from 1st Newchurch Scouts, congratulations should go to everyone who competed.


Last Autumn, the Scout Association announced a replacement for the Home Contact Scheme, InTouch, which is to be implemented on the Isle of Wight on 31st March 2010.  This now includes weekly meetings.   Read more