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Previously known as: 7th Newport ESU or Da Xploras



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Recent Activities

Water and Rabbit Camp

We went to Corf Camp with 7th Newport Scout Troop for a one night camp!


In this time we:

  • Built rafts,
  • Raced rafts,
  • Had Explorer vs Scout races,
  • Went on Canoes and Kayaks,
  • Were shown how to skin and prepare Rabbit for cooking,
  • (Some people actually did some of this)
  • Ate BBQ Rabbit on altar fires,
  • Roasted marshmallows,
  • Had fun?




Group Camp 2015

Friday to Sunday saw us at Corf Camp for NO LIMITS and 7th Newport's AGM and Group Camp.

In this time we showed off the wide range of activities that Scouting offers, to some of the parents; they may be interested in what their child gets up to!

We have compiled this video which shows highlights of the camp.

NO LIMITS visit RockUp Whiteley

On the 26th of April 2015, NO LIMITS ESU and 7th Newport Scout Troop visit RockUp (Whiteley). The event was excellent fun, and another excellent example of affordable, accessible, and adrenaline filled fun that you can experience through Scouting.

Please watch the video of the event below:


Last Hike of the Year Hike

The Explorers recently took part in the "Last  Hike of the Year Hike", which started in the afternoon, continuing until around 9PM - so the hike was both a day hike, and a night hike.

It was an excellent hike which took just over 6 hours, and was approximately 10.6 miles, which is just over 17km.

The only thing that could have been an issue was the cold... frozen ground, icy road, and muddy paths definitely made the hike interesting.

Please see the video below if you would like to see just part of the adventure.

Explorers at Ventnor Radar Station

Photo: Explorers at Ventnor Radar station.


International Evening

Tonight, the Explorers had some fun trying out different foods from around the world.

Here are some pictures from the evening: