County Support Projects

The Scout Fellowship has recently evolved into a number of Scouting Active Support Units. The new SAS units are:

  • 1st Shanklin Group SAS Unit - most of the old East Wight District Fellowship have moved into this membership unit
  • Isle of Wight County SAS Unit - a new membership unit, geographically within the West Wight District
  • 1st Shanklin Revolution SAS Unit - a project based unit, running the Easter Revolution Network and Explorer camp
  • SAS Corf campsite Unit - a vital, task based unit, who suport Corf campsite, more details can be found below.
  • SAS Project and Fundraising  Unit - dedicated to fundraising and PR projects.

The SAS members from the 2 membership units form the core of the other units, with leaders and other adults also joining to work on specific tasks within this new formal framework. This framework allows ex-Scouts or people with specific skills to help on an occasional basis, without a regular committment, and with minimal training requirements.


During 2010 the Project and Fundraising Unit ran a number of projects, including:

  • Isle of Wight Festival and Bestival tent salvages (see next pages)
  • Recruitment Drive at the Isle of Wight Festival
  • Fundraising Raffles, including at  the IW Festival, RibEx and the Jamboree Summer Fair (see next pages)
  • Please contact the Unit project team (Malcolm & Julie Cox, Barry Groves, Stewart Marriott, Mandy Holloway, Geoff Brown, David Pearce and Paul Savill) with any offers of help or fundraising ideas.

We're now working on plans for2011 - Can you help or do you have any ideas for fundraising or PR which we can use?


The Corf Unit helps to keep the campsite running:

  • Running the tuckshop
  • Helping with maintenance tasks and cleaning
  • Helping with campsite arrivals and departures
  • If you can help please contact Ian Winter-Goodwin (details in the directory)


SAS Member Barry Groves wrote a history of the first 100 years if Scouting on the Isle of Wight.. Barry is still working on the project and has added some more new historical informaton on the next pages.

Please remember that your support with these projects will help to keep Scouting a prominent feature of Island life. If you'd like to help us with any of these projects please use any contact address in the Directory.