New Year’s resolution? Improving access for all…

As part of the Access All Areas project (funded by the IW Council and The Scout Association’s Development Grants Board), IW Scouts have committed to improving access to all our groups for everyone in our communities.

A funding pot of £3250 is available for groups to bid for monies … all you have to do is fill in the access audit and send us a short action plan saying how much you’d like to apply for and what for. The audit has been emailed out and is on the facebook page.

Your group must be claiming gift aid.

Examples could be:
•    Materials to enable young people with disabilities to access and participate in scouting
•    Costs of PR materials promoting your scout group to under-represented groups
•    Transport costs to attend training to improve accessibility
•    Part or all of the costs of improving facilities in your meeting place to make them more disability friendly
•    Funding to work on a project with a local community group to improve access.

The deadline is the 31st Jan 2016 and we’ll let you know by the end of February. Send your audits and action plans with proof of gift aid to by the deadline.

Did you know that there are already grants available to help young people with limited incomes with uniform and camp costs? You can apply locally to your district, or nationally to the support fund.

You can also apply for support nationally to cover the costs of improvements to your meeting place. This factsheet has all the info.