Corf Campsite Open Weekend 2016

Last year we had a brilliant Open Day at Corf Campsite. Something like 400 Scouts and 200 members of the public came to experience Scouting at close quarters ,to show that anyone can join regardless of any needs they may have. Well, in 2016 it's going to be a 3 day event and will be open to GirlGuiding Isle of Wight too….  And the tides should be good for messing about in the creek!

Saturday 21st May 2016 will be Open Day for the public, VIPs and Press. We'll have activities for Scouts, Guides and members of the public to try, and bases for them to visit. There will be free overnight camping on Saturday night for all Scouts, Guides and Leaders. So I guess one other thing that will be happening is a massive Camp Fire in the evening.

Sunday 22nd May will be Scouts and Guides Activity Day. Activities will again be available for Scouts and Guides, but there will be no members of the public present.

The evening of Friday 20th May will be a Social event for Leaders and families, but NOT for Scouts or Guides. There will also be free camping for Leaders who want to stay overnight.

I’ll keep you posted with developments!