Scout Community Week ... 14-20 May 2012

Scout Community Week (14 to 20 May 2012) is a great opportunity to make a big difference to your community and raise funds for Scouting.
It's a UK-wide fundraising initiative, supported by B&Q, to help Scouts 'do 1 thing' to have an impact on their community - the Scout Association has developed an exciting new fundraising campaign to help Scout Groups across the UK make an impact on their local communities and support the valuable work of the
Development Grants Board.

Most Groups on the Island will be taking part in Scout Community Week from Monday May 14th to Sunday May 20th. The idea is to devise, plan and execute a project which will be of benefit to your community. The project is also a fund raising exercise - look for sponsorship from local businesses and members of the community.

On this page I'll be adding any information I discover that may help you run a successful Community Week Project. If you have any problems please mail or phone me or one of the other members of the Project Team and we'll try our best to help you.

I've been talking to Councillor Ian Stephens, who suggested a possible idea for a Comunity project - cleaning up the Gateway to the Island. Ian thinks that the new Ryde Business Association and possibly Wightlink would suport the project and may sponsor it. It could be something for one or all of the Ryde groups to work on together as a bigger task. Ian also said you could try a sponsored beach clean at some later date.

Have a great week

MaC       (Malcolm Cox - Media Development Manager)

Timescale (Scout HQ advice,modified by me)


Calendar of key dates Suggested Tasks from Scout HQ Additional Information from Media Development Manager



01/10/11 Launch of Scout Community Week, supported by B&Q

Groups can register for Scout Community Week

Review badges and awards that Scout Community Week might help deliver



01/11/11 Ask young people what community project they would like to do and how they might fundraise

Ask local community what they would like your Group to help with



01/12/11 Contact local council to see if there is a project your Group can assist with



01/01/12 Scout Community Week registrants packs sent out

Use online volunteering websites to find volunteering projects in your area

Contact local council to confirm the project MDM is disussing with Council, IWCP and other possible support, so please let me know anything you arrange as I don't want to interfere with your discussions

Set up online giving page Does anyone know how to do this?



01/02/12 Review helpful Scout Community Week guide book Have you signed up for this on

Check our Choose a Project page for volunteering opportunities

Speak to the Group Executive Committee and plan what fundraising activity to undertake alongside your community project



01/03/12 Send letter to parents explaining the project and what you hope to achieve MDM will send out information about PR and corporate support for the projects

Approach local businesses with regards to sponsorship or donating resources needed to complete the project

Encourage your young people to design their own posters advertising the community project

Personalise online giving page by adding photos and videos

Ask young people to take their posters home and find somewhere to display them

Organise a letter drop to residents in the local area ask them to support your project

Assign roles for parents

This month you'll hear from your local Media Development Manager (MDM) who will be able to assist you with publicising your event MDM will send out information about PR and council and corporate support for the projects. Information will include a format for presenting your results on website, IWCP etc.



01/04/12 Ask parents to display a poster at their place of work that includes the online giving link

Create Scout Community Week as an event on your Scout Group's Facebook profile The County has a facebook page and we could use this for details

Check you have everything you need to complete your project

Ask friends, family and local residents to support your project

Confirm support of local council



Monday 14 May to Sunday 20 May Scout Community Week has arrived! Make sure you take loads of photos
County AGM. Including opportunity to discuss projects and PR with MDM and Project Team



21/05/12 Second letter drop informing the local community of what you managed to achieve during Scout Community Week

Speak to people who enquired about volunteering. See what they are interested in and suggest ways they could be involved in Scouting If potential volunteers are not from your area forward details to the appropriate DC (Mandy or John).



23/05/12 Work with your Media Development Manager to write a press release detailing the final outcomes and thanking the community for their support Send report and photos to MDM and put on your group webpage.



25/05/12 Final push for sponsorship from friends, family and local residents



31/05/12 Make sure you have thanked everyone who made the event possible – don’t forget to ask again for a donation  



01/06/12 Collected all sponsorship money and donate 25% to the Development Grants Board



Jubilee Picnic and Fun Day, during which we will anounce details of progress of Community week and possibly some awards (TBA)

Scout HQ's advice on choosing a project

Not quite sure which community project is right for you? We've got a few exciting ideas which you could adapt to suit your local area. Don’t forget to think about how you'll raise funds for the activity and also how you'll get your young people involved.

  • Make maps of local parks, libraries or historic sites.
  • Volunteer to clean up litter at a community event or county fair.
  • Set up an art exhibit at a local business, school or nursing home.
  • Host a community BBQ and invite different community and faith groups to meet each other.
  • Design a mural or mosaic highlighting important aspects of your community and get it presented to your community during the week.
  • Help fix a run-down playground.
  • Spruce up and paint your youth or community centre.
  • Plant a community garden.
  • Adopt a town monument and keep it clean.
  • Plant flowers at the town hall.
  • Paint a mural or clean up a local park.
  • Paint fences or park benches.
  • Organise a car-pooling campaign in your neighbourhood to cut down on air pollution.
  • Make bird feeders for public places.
  • Adopt an acre of a park or a mile of roadside to keep clean.
  • Clean up litter along a river or in a park.
  • Create a habitat for wildlife.
  • Offer to mow the lawns of a street near your Scout headquarters.
  • Start a butterfly garden at a community centre, old people’s home or school.
  • Build a nature trail.
  • Create a community treasure hunt in your town centre.
  • Create a children’s nature garden, labelling plants and trees and scheduling guided tours.
  • Host a recycling fair.
  • Clean up a beach or riverbed.
  • Repair homes or abandoned buildings.
  • Volunteer to clean out animal shelters.