What is Scouting?

The Scout Association provides adventurous activities and personal development opportunities for over 400,000 young people aged 6-25 in the UK, supported by over 100,000 adult volunteers.  Internationally there are over 28 million young people enjoying Scouting across 216 countries. 

Personal development means promoting the physical, intellectual, social and spiritual well-being of the individual, helping them achieve their full potential.  In Scouting we believe that young people develop most when they are 'learning by doing', when they are given responsibility, work in teams, take acceptable risks and think for themselves. 

Scouting is open to young people aged 6 to 25, of every faith, ability and background.  It also offers opportunities to Adults to be come involved as Leaders, Assistants and Administrators.  In fact, there's something for everyone!

Scouting is about having fun, making friends and taking on new challenges.  All over the world young people enjoy the opportunities that Scouting offers.  It encourages independence, team spirit, respect for other people and their property, involvement in local, national and international communities, and a commitment to caring for the environment.

Millions of people have been involved in Scouting since it started in 1907.  Today we offer young people the opportunity to learn by active involvement through Scouting's Balance Programme of progressive and challenging activities, training and awards.

Scouting on the Isle of Wight is organised into two Districts, East and West Wight, each with several Scout Groups with their own Beaver Scout Colony, Cub Scout Pack and Scout Troop.  Each District has a number of Explorer Scout Units, and one Scout Network provides for the whole Island.