Jamboree Contingent leaves for Sweden

Adventure of a Lifetime starts today.

The 20 members of the Isle of Wight contingent to the 22nd World Scout Jamboree left the Island today.  They will be meeting up with a similar number from Hampshire that, together, form UK Unit 39, The Allsorts.  The Island Scouts were chosen nearly 2 years ago after a selection weekend in Hampshire.  Since then, they have been training, either on their own or with joint camps with the Hampshire part of 'The Allsorts' so that all 36 young members could come together as a group.  Under the leadership of Claire and Paul Steen, they have also been fundraising towards the costs of £2K per person.  This morning, after meeting at 2nd Cowes Headquarters with their parents for the final briefing and the sewing on of the odd missing badge, the contingent started on their journey with the Red Jet, where the final farewells were made.

The Scouts are part of 4,000 British Scouts that are flying first to Denmark for 3 days sightseeing before joining 38,000 Scouts from around the world at the Jamboree site at Rinkaby, Sweden.  After  a week, the Island Scouts will experience a few days Home Hospitality (Ho-Ho) with families in Finland before returning home on 11th August.