Dramatic Rescue at Corf

What brought 3 Fire & Rescue Appliances, 1 Ambulance, 1 Police Car and 1 Coastguard Rescue Unit to Corf Scout Camp during August Bank Holiday weekend?  An Explorer Scout who had decided to walk across Corf Lake at low tide and became stuck up to his chest with a rising tide.


When the alarm was raised, a parent from the adjacent family camp of 2nd Cowes, who happened to be a retained fireman, rushed to the scene and, after calling the emergency services, commandeered a sit-on kayak from the jetty to reach the casualty along the narrow ditch of water, which luckily flowed close to the incident.  He was then joined by an another parent and together, they eventually prised the victim from the mud, just as the first fire crew arrived at the creek.  After a check up by the ambulance crew, a shower and a friendly word from the coastguards, the Explorer Scout was none the worse for his ordeal.  It could have been more serious as the area was fully covered by water within the hour.  The quick thinking of his rescuers was critical in the moments before the emergency services arrived, especially as the latter were delayed by a badly parked car in the lane that had to be 'bumped' out of the way.

A review will now take place into what steps can be taken to prevent a repeat incident.