World Scout Jamboree Sweden 2011

The 22nd World Scout Jamboree took place from 27th July to 7 August 2011.  The theme for the Jamboree was Simply Scouting and provided a once in a lifetime experience to make friends with Scouts from all over the world and learn about global development. 

18 Explorers from the Isle of Wight fulfilled one of theirs (and many of ours) ambition to attend the World Scout Jamboree. This took place in Sweden and also included a Pre-Jamboree experience in Copenhagen with all the UK contingent (approx 4,000) and then onto the site at Kristianstad in Sweden for 11 days with nearly 40,000 scouters and then another 3 days in Finland for Home Hospitality (HoHo) with families. In total we were away for 19 days (we lost some of the nights on the way!)Our Jamboree began at 2nd Cowes HQ where we met for our final kit check before the off!
This was the first time the IOW had recruited half a unit to go to a Jamboree in another country and this meant that we were able to maximise the experience and take scouts as young as 14 to be supported and guided by others who were 16+ by the time we went. Prior to leaving for the Jamboree we had 6 opportunities to meet up with the ‘other half’ of the Allsorts to form some lifelong friendships and build skills in preparation for the camp of our life!
The Allsorts were well recognised on site; the pink neckerchiefs were very popular and on culture day it was easy to spot the English & Prou d unit!
 Sweden are very environmentally conscious and  recycling everything they can  and we helped out by recycling all our England decorations all over the world!
 We had a variety of weather during our time at the Jamboree with the first 4 – 5 days being generally wet so when the sun did come out a new energy and enthusiasm was evident! Plus a desire by all to get the washing out on the line! The site became covered in a colourful display of t-shirts and underwear!
 A Jamboree takes place every 4 years and is hosted in a different part of the world each time. On site once all the tents are in situ you could in fact be anywhere. However  we were very fortunate to get an opportunity to experience Sweden in all  its glory by going on a Camp in Camp experience which took us off site in groups of 10 with about 60 others from a variety of countries to camp over night with Swedish scouts and cubs (about 200 in total). This was truly idyllic and peaceful although very basic and gave us a chance to appreciate how Swedish scouts camp. !
A Jamboree is all about getting to understand differences of cultures and language and also similarities with all having scouting in common.   The Allsorts soon made friends with scouts all over the world.
Jamborees are inspirational experiences and leave all those who have taken part with a commitment to the purpose of scouting in the widest sense and many of those that went are already thinking how they can be part of future Jamborees or international experiences.   The World Scout Jamboree will next take place in Japan in 2015 so any scouts that will be between the ages of 14 and 17 at that time may be eligible to go as participants. Those who will be older can be IST (International Service Team), or leaders. Anyone interested please contact Claire or Paul Steen (Unit leaders) or Stewart Marriott (IST) who are more than happy to share their experiences.
A BIG THANKYOU to all those in scouting who have supported us on our journey which started in 2009 and the impact of which will stay with us forever.

Photo Gallery Heading off and tour of Copenhagen!



Isle of Wight & Hampshire Unit 3 (AKA Allsorts!)

May Camp

Isle of Wight and Hampshire scouts and explorers met for the first time at Corf on the early May Bank Holiday.  A brilliant time was had by all regardless of the cold and wet weather. The unit were put through their paces by Sarah Dawson with an hour's circuit training early Sunday morning which gave them the energy to fight against the tide on the water in the open canoes with Mr McAlister, Trevor, and Peter.  The camp fire became the focal point and the benches they built with Mike Turner as their pionneering challenge made it all the more social.  We also practised our Swedish culture with regular Fikka breaks (drinks and cake!)

July Camp

The weather although not tropical was warmer and not as wet!  Our new neckerchiefs and unit kit with allsorts logos really brought the unit together.  The crate stacking proved to be the biggest challenge and most memorable activity from the weekend along with the campfires and entertainment!  The Swedish menu was also a challenge for some especially those who aren't keen on fish but for others a real treat.  Friendships are already being established and plans being made for the next camp in November.

November Camp

The cold and ice was prominent on this camp. Although both explorers and leaders slept inside, a lot of the activities were done outside and layers of clothing were a must. Having said this, it pulled everyone together in their patrols. A hike around the New Forest was done extremely efficiently to escape the wind-chill. The wind-chill was also particularly evident on the zip wire. Although the sheer adrenline pushed all the explorers on.

The weekend featured a proper ‘black tie’ three-course meal, just the thing to get everyone talking and enjoying themselves together in finery. The UK Contingent Leader even made an appearance to wish us well and relay information from the top brass. Oh, and there was cake.

IW/Hampshire Unit Leaders

The Unit Leader for the IW & Hampshire Unit is Carol Pannell and Assistant Leaders are Paul & Claire Steen plus Richard Savage.  More information about the Jamboree and selection process can be found on the Hampshire Scouts website