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We are a bunch of nice people that have a lot of fun on a Wednesday night :).  At Xtreme Explorers we take part in many activities such as: archery, air rifle shooting, kayaking, scuba diving and backwoods cooking. We also take part in survival camps, expeditions and day trips to theme parks like Thorpe Park. Overall we have an amazing time ;D.

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Units Got Talent!

Posted on 21 October 2015 • 

This evening saw members of the Unit display their talents in a 'Units Got Talent' event.  The leaders opened the evening trying to ease everyone into it with a performance from Swan Lake!

The Explorers did well with a range of talents on show from art displays, tongue shapes, dancing, joke telling and acrobatics!

The Acrobatics were impressive and won the show!

Queen Scout Award & Chief Scout/DofE Awards & Expedition Presentations

Posted on 15 September 2015 • 

Tonight saw the 2 Lake District Expedition Teams give their presentations to the Unit and a selection of invited guests.  Both teams did really well with their presentations and answer questions from the audience.

Following the presentations we were able to give out x2 Platinum Chief Scout/Bronze DofE Awards to Dillon Earley and Josh Blair, x2 Diamond Chief Scout/Silver DofE Awards to Abbey Westmore & Matthew Earley and the Queen Scout Award to George Huish.  A lot of work goes into gaining these awards which get more challenging as they progress.

George achieved his Gold DofE earlier in the year, and following completing the further elements earned his Queen Scout Award.  This Award is the highest Youth Member Award available in Scouting.  George is the first member of Xtreme ESU to receive his QSA, and managed to complete both his Chief Scouts Awards, Queen Scout Award and all of his DofE Awards in 3 and a half years - an outstanding achievement.

All of the Awards were presented by Lt Col Sir Guy Acland Bt, LVO, DL., president of Isle of Wight Scouting.

Lake District Expeditions

Posted on 29 August 2015 • 

10 Explorers and 4 Leaders have just returned from another successful trip to the Lake District to complete their Chief Scout/Duke of Edinburgh Award Expeditions.  The group traveled up to Ambleside where they were based for the week on Monday.  That evening the Explorers had an short stroll to the top of Lake Windermere to take in the views.  The Tuesday saw them travel to Kendall by train for the day exploring the town and Kendal Castle before returning for their pre-expedition checks with their assessor.

Both teams set out on their expeditions on the Wednesday morning.  On waking and during breakfast the weather was appalling, but thankfully cleared up by the time they set off!  The Platinum/Bronze team set off from just north of Windermere, heading south past Windermere, over Scout Hill and to their camp at Great Tower for the night.  They found the navigation a little more challenging that expected!  Their second day saw them continue south over Cartmel Fell to Ayside where they finished their expedition at Oak Head Caravan site.  The team spent the night at the Caravan site and headed off for a day hike after their large rucksacks and tents had been collected to Grange-over-sands before being picked up and taken to meet the Diamond/Silver team as they finished.

The Diamond/Silver team started in Troutbeck and headed south towards Windermere before turning east towards Staveley getting to their campsite at Crook.  Their second day saw them travel west over Cat Crag and south of Scout Hill before arriving at Great Tower for their second night.  Day three saw them head southeast over Carmel Fell out towards Row before head West and finishing just south of Gummers How.

Both teams were successful and received from positive and constructive feedback from their Assessor, with some of the Diamond/Silver team chomping at the bit to get their Queen Scout/Gold expeditions sorted for next year!

Mini-challenge Night

Posted on 22 July 2015 • 

Tonight the Unit took part in a Mini-challenge night out at Corf.  The Explorers where split into teams and took part in a number of team exercises/challenges.


These challenges included - blindfolded puzzle making, fox & chickens, completing the Towers of Hanoi, building a catapult with bamboo canes and elastic bands


As well as completing a set of challenges on a balance beam and floating a tennis ball to the top of a leaky tube!

Coasteering & Paddle Boarding

Posted on 19 July 2015 • 

Coasteering has become very popular with the Explorers over the last few years, and today saw them return to Freshwater Bay with Isle of Wight Adventurous Activities for Coasteering.


Not content with just one activity, after Coasteering the Unit took part in Stand-up Paddle Boarding.  The Explorers had a great time, although there was varied success with the 'stand-up' part of the Paddle Boarding!!

Ready Steady Backwoods Cooking

Posted on 15 July 2015 • 

Well, you can tell that summer is here with the return of an old favourite for the Unit with the annual Ready Steady Backwoods Cooking competition.  The Unit was split into 4 teams and given a bag of ingredients to come up with a 2 course meal.


A couple of the groups struggled to get their fires lit this year, but after much encouragement (abuse) they succeeded and warmed their food over the embers!  There were some interesting concoctions this year, some of which were not edible, but none the less the evening was enjoyed by all!!

Gold DofE

Posted on 14 July 2015 • 

This evening saw George Huish presented with his Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award:

For his volunteering George continued to work in the Cafe at the Earl Mountbatten Hospice.  He undertook and passed a level 1 food hygiene certificate before he could serve food and beverages.  George enjoyed his time at the cafe working on a regular basis and filling in at late notice on occasions.  George’s physical section was completed with the Vectis Rugby Club where he has been a member for a number of years playing the Fly half and Full Back positions.  He has also been playing rugby representing Air cadets on both regionally and nationally.  George played for the Vectis 19 team and when he turned 17 was asked to play for the men’s team on the Saturday league, where he played to a high standard and won man of the match.  For his skills section George learnt to drive.  George started in April last year, passed his theory in August and his practical on his first attempt in November.  George took part in an open Gold expedition with Expedition Wales in April of this year two weeks before his 18th Birthday.  Expedition Wales is a company that runs open expeditions allowing people who do not have a full expedition team to join others to complete their award.  His team met two days before their expedition, although had communicated via social media beforehand.  They spend one day training together before setting out on their route through the Elan Valley.  The expedition was a challenge in the Welsh mountains, and it was a lot warmer that expected, but the team achieved their expedition.  George successfully completed his presentation to the Unit a couple of weeks later.  The Gold Award has an additional element involving a residential trip with people that you don’t know.  For this, George completed an RAF Cadet Camp at RAF Benson in Oxfordshire in April of last year.  George attended the camp as a corporal and was given responsibility for a group of cadets on a night exercise, which they managed to complete ahead of time.  At the end of the camp George was awarded with the best Camp NCO award.

This is a fantastic achievement as George has been able to complete all 6 top awards in Scouting during his time with the Explorers before his 18th birthday!  This was achieved through sheer determination and drive, and he should be very proud of his achievement, and has set the bar high for the rest of the Unit!

Diamond Chief Scouts/Silver DofE Awards

Posted on 14 July 2015 • 

Tonight saw James Viney awarded his Diamond Chief Scouts & Silver DofE Awards.

For his volunteering James has been helping as a Young leader with 1st Godshill & Rookley Scout Troop since it restarted in Sept 2012.  During his time with the Section he has completed most of the training modules for the Young Leaders Scheme.  James’s physical section involved being an active member of his school rugby club.  James is a regular member of the sixth form team at Christ the King College, and has attended most of their fixtures, progressing well in terms of fitness and skill within the game.  For his skill section James took part in the young enterprise scheme that was offered at Christ the King College.  He was part of a group who designed and manufactured printed t-shirts, attending weekly meetings and taking on the role of financial director, involving managing the finances of the team for which he undertook further training.  James took part in the silver level expedition that we held in the Cotswolds in May of last year along with Aston, Abbey, Callum and Paige.  Their expedition started in a small village south of Stow-on-the-wold, heading to their first stop in a farmer’s field in Guiting Power.  From there they headed to Far Peak campsite for their second night before heading south to Ampney Park.  Their project involved the impact of tourism on the local countryside and in particular littering.  James successfully completed his presentation with his team back in October 2014.  James has now been a member of Xtreme for 3 and a half years (minimum of 1 year for the award), and during his time with the Unit has completed 61 nights Away (minimum 12 for the award).  James has been heavily involved in the Unit and its activities during his time with us.

Congratulations to James on his achievements for which he should be very proud, and we wish him well for his QSA & Gold DofE.

Gilwell 24

Posted on 12 July 2015 • 

A small number of the Unit have just returned from Gilwell 24 the annual National Explorer Scout and Guide Event held at Gilwell Park in Chingford, Essex.

The members joined forces with 3 other Units to head up to the event which involved 24 hours of activity from 0900 on the Saturday to 0900 on the Sunday with the challenge of staying awake for the whole period.  There is a vast array of activities available to the participants, and as always they had a great time, and for the first year ever everyone managed to stay awake for the full 24 hours!

School Sports Day

Posted on 08 July 2015 • 

At the request of the Unit after last years inaugural School Sorts Day evening, this evening the Unit held its 2nd School Sports Day event!  Displaced by EF Students on Nineacres field, the Unit made its way to the Victoria Recreation ground where they took part a number of School Sports Day inspired activities.


Unfortunately due to have to move the event we were not able to complete all of the planned activities, but that did not stop the Explorers enjoying the evening or reduce their competitiveness!!

Mountain Biking

Posted on 01 July 2015 • 

This evening the Unit travelled to Cheverton Farm near Shalfeet to try out the Mountain Bike Trails at the farm.  The trials were quite challengeing in some places, but everyone enjoyed the jump area!


Posted on 20 May 2015 • 

This evening the Unit visited Sandown Rocks for an evening of climbing, everyone managed to get to the top and we invested one of our newest members.

Archery & Kayaking

Posted on 13 May 2015 • 

This evening the Unit was split across 2 activities, one group were out Corf taking part in Archery, the other group were out at St Helen's Duver Kayaking.

Practice Expeditions

Posted on 30 March 2015 • 

2 expedition teams had just finished their practice expeditions for their Platinum Chief Scouts/Bronze DofE and Diamond Chief Scouts/Silver DofE expeditions in preparation for our trip to the Lake District later this year.

The Platinum/Bronze team hiked from the Scout HQ in Newport out to Godshill via Arreton where they stayed overnight on the Saturday.  They then made a return trip to Newport via Chillerton on the Sunday.  2 of the team had never completed an expedition before, and the other two had never completed this distance previously.  The team worked really well together considering they did not know each other outside of Explorers, and are hoping to complete another practice before going to the Lake District to complete their assessed expedition enabling a 5th member of the team to join them.

The Diamond/Silver team set off from Shide on the Saturday on the longest leg of their expedition hiking out to Bembridge where they spent their first night.  On Sunday they headed from Bembridge into Godshill for night 2, before heading back to Newport via Chillerton and Bowcome to finish on the Monday.  This team had some more experienced members who have completed their Platinum/Bronze level already, but found the extra day more challenging than they thought.  Both teams did well completing their expeditions and learning a few lessons along the way!

Japanese Night

Posted on 25 February 2015 • 

5 members of our Unit are fortunate enough to be part of the quarter unit (9 Explorers and 1 Leader) joining forces with Hampshire to go to the 23rd World Scout Jamboree which is taking place in Japan in August this year.  As part of their preparations for this once in a lifetime trip they ran a Japanese evening for the rest of the Unit.

Unit members took part in 4 different activities - making origami cranes out of Union Flag paper (part of the UK contingent logo), a game transferring rice between plates with chopsticks, writing their name in Japanese and leaning a few useful phrases and some Japanese etiquette from a Japanese Nurse - Sachi.  The Unit had a great evening, and thanks go to Sachi for coming along and talking to the Explorers.

Karting - Eastleigh

Posted on 15 February 2015 • 

Well, it's that time of year when the demand to go Karting increases and we took a 18 members across to the Teamsport Karting track in Eastleigh once again.


As with previous visits we attended the unlimited karting session on the Sunday afternoon and managed to get 50 mins each on the track during the course of the evening, with some very competitive individuals getting great track times, and others just enjoying the experience!

Cardboard Castle

Posted on 28 January 2015 • 

Back by popular demand, Cardboard Castle returned at the beginning of the year with a mammoth effort to make sure that we had enough cardboard for the number of Explorers we now have. 

We achieved this and even had enough spare cardboard for the Leaders to join in this year with their own castle in the middle of the hall surround by four castles full of Explorers, well you can guess who was targeted first!

Posted on 11 June 2014 •