Young Leaders Page

Young Leaders are Explorer Scouts 14 - 18 years of age who are providing help and support to section leaders within Beavers, Cubs or Scouts.  The contents on this page are for young leaders and adult leaders who want to find out more. 

For any additional information contact Claire Steen or Elaine Sharkey contact details available from the County Directory or through your section or group scout leader.


The training scheme is module based. There are 11 modules, one is compulsory (Module A) and the rest are voluntary, unless you are completing as part of one of the Chief Scout’s, Queen’s Scout or Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards.

Module A is offered 4 times a year to enable Young Leaders to meet the requirement of completing this within their first 3 month of joining the Young Leaders Unit. The other 10 cover topics to assist you in becoming a skilled, confident and helpful Young Leader. 
Module A - Prepare for take off! This module covers key areas, which every Young Leader will need to know:
-         The Purpose and Method of the Scout Association
-         Child Protection
-         Policy, Organisation and Rules
-         Activity rules and safety


The majority of the Young Leaders Training Modules are delivered over a weekend twice a year.  The Spring/Summer weekend provides an opportunity to makes the most of any good weather that comes our way and is often outdoors!  The Autumn weekend in October/November is also residential but indoors and if we time it right a fireworks display as evening entertainment!  The sessions are very interactive with oppportunities to work with others to develop some exciting programme ideas and put them into practise!

Check out the training session diary for dates and book on!


East & West Wight Young Leaders Unit are planning to meet up during the year for skills and programme planning sessions.This will be an opportunity to meet other young leaders and discuss any concerns with your unit leader.  Each session will have a skills focus, providing ideas for section meetings.  Please let us know of any skills, themes or topics you would like to cover. Contact Claire Steen or Elaine Sharkey to let them know your personal needs.