Corf Downloads

CCF1 Corf Site Proposal Form (Editable)

This form is for when a individual Scout Group wishes to do work on their site, this includes: work to vegetation, erecting structures or works which affect the ground levels etc.

CCF2 Corf Seasonal Maintenance Tasks (Editable)

This form is for Seasonal Maintenance tasks you would like to take on out at Corf Camp Site.

CCF3 Corf Wardens Assistance (Editable)

This for is for if you would like to help out the Warden with maintenance tasks and other jobs that need assistance with around the site.

Corf Assistance Request – March 2019

A letter from corf about assistance requests for people who would like to help.

SSSI Leaflet – March 2019

This is the Leaflet for the Site of Scientific Interest that is in place at corf.

Corf Letter to All – March 2019

This is a letter to all from Corf.

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