Malc Smith – Assistant County Commissioner (International)


In October 2015 I was asked to take on the role of Assistant County Commissioner (International). Although various people have held the position of International Adviser the Island hasn’t had a dedicated ACC (I) until now.

Since taking on the role along with some ‘volunteers’ I have supported trips to the 15th World moot in Iceland, Scout camp at the Sweden Jamboree, established contacts in Coburg, Germany & most recently have organised the run the selection process to find 9 youth & 1 Adult representatives to attend the World Scout Jamboree in West Virginia, America in 2019.


The future of my role is to promote & encourage International & World wide experiences to Island members. The older sections are more likely to undertake these experiences, but it should not be restricted, with the correct planning younger sections could have an International experience, researching or linking with another Country (JOTI & JOTA) could help establish a link.

Explorer badge

A challenge for 16 to 25 year old members. As part of a team of 3 to 6 members, plan & undertake a 10 day expedition outside the UK. During the expedition complete a Major & 10 minor projects. On return make a presentation to an assessment panel & invited guests.
Details of the requirements can be found by logging on to Scout Explorer belt.

D of E / QSA Expeditions

There’s nothing to stop the adventurous members undertaking the Duke of Edinburgh & or Queen’s Scout Award Expedition abroad. There’s a challenge!

Kandersteg International Scout Centre, Switzerland

We are planning to take a Group to Kandersteg in the near future.

Visits Abroad

Please note – Any member that is undertaking a trip abroad in the name of Scouting must complete a Visits Abroad form. It is a very simple form & can be downloaded from the International section form the Scout Association web site. (Part 1 at the start of planning, Part 2 at least 6 weeks before your trip), both parts have to be signed off by the ACC (I)

Further Information

If you are considering an International experience, would like some advice, would like a session at your section meeting or advice for Explorer Belt, D of E or QSA teams – please contact me & I would be happy to come along.

Please contact

You can find information regarding International opportunities, Explorer belt & Visits Abroad process & forms by logging onto Scout Association web site (International)

As always please remember the slogan

“International Matters”

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