Creating a Page

In order to create your page to make sure they meet the standards of our website you will require: 2 photos of your group, at least two paragraphs of greeting text explaining your group, contact information for your selected sections and an email or web link for more information.

Step 1

Creating your page is simple, under the add block button where you can see all the different types of  and you want to scroll to the bottom where a tab called “Reusable” can be found.

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Step 2

Within this tab you will find the template items for your page you want to click on the one named “Page Template” make sure you have already cleared all blocks from your page before doing this.

Step 3

Once this has been completed do not click the edit button shown in the picture to your right as this button is misleading.

Instead you want to click on the three bubbles icon at the top left of the block above the title. You then want to look for and click the option that says “Convert to Regular Block” then you are free to start editing.

Sample Page Below

1st Anywhere Scouts

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This is meant to be placed at the bottom of a page and is really useful for adding email addresses and website links

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