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A New Look for May 2018

– overview by MaC (Media Development Manager)

Hi Everyone

HQ at Gilwell have released some brilliant new branding for us to use as part of a national scheme.   All Scout Printing and Media must follow the national Scout  Association branding guidelines, which supersede, and override all previous versions.

The branding is in two parts – our message and our look.

Our message

We have a new message. Yes it is similar to our old message, but it’s sufficiently different that you really need to read it before you tackle any media projects.

Our look

We have new logos, new fonts and a tweaked colour scheme. (Our website providers are still working on updating our website). The fonts are available free from Google fonts (or below). The logo is available from the Scout Print centre. There’s one county version available to download below, but you really need to use the print centre to generate your group logo in the colour you need.

Read All about it!

HQ have released a load of information about the new brand. You can download it all from https://www.scouts.org.uk or you can download most of it from here. Or, there’s a third approach.

Overview – the Wight Rovers Media Team training

The Wight Rovers are our County Media Team. We’ve got members of every age, from Beavers upwards.

We’ve got a training presentation which we use at our team training sessions. It covers the new Branding and a lot more, including report writing, PR events and photography tips. You are welcome to read the presentation – I hope it’ll help you with a range of PR and media work. Download our Wight Rovers Training & Reference Presentation (in .pdf format)  here. You can also use it as a reference document.

Actually……..once you’ve read the training presentation, produce a story or article about IW Scouts and send it to me to upload on the website and you can become a team member (and get a team badge).

Full Branding Information Downloads

If you want to go into the branding in more detail, here are some links to help you get started quickly.

  • Download a zip file of all the new Nunito Sans fonts here.
  • Download a zip file of all the new section logos here.
  • Download a the new white-on-transparent logo here.
  • Download the new activation guide here (timetable for change) here.
  • Download the internal (for Scouts) skills for life (message) booklet here.
  • Download the external (for non-Scouts) skills for life (message) booklet here.
  • Download the preparing for our new brand guide here.
  • Download the new Scout Brand guidelines here.
  • The Section Brand Guidelines: Section Brand Guidelines v.01 May 2018_LR.pdf is too large to upload from our site – we’re working on it!

We’ll be adding more new logos and some templates here as we generate them.

Local Logo

Isle of Wight Scouting also uses a unique logo for local purposes to promote our Island Identity. This logo may only be used together with the new island logo for specific occasions when there is an (emotive) advantage from highlighting our special relationship with the Island Community. Contact MaC or the County Commissioner if you think you have an application suitable for this logo.

Scout.org.uk Print Centre

Accessing the Print Centre is a bit tricky

From www.scouts.org.uk, select “Members”, then “Print Centre”.

To log in you will need to use a different user name: enter your user name (the same as compass) followed by your full 8-digit membership number in brackets, all as one word with no spaces. Use your normal password.

Use the “Scouts Personalised Logo” icon and follow the instructions. When you’ve created your logo, use a screen grabber or the print screen button to save your own local copy.

You can also dive in and design posters, flyers and other stationery.

The design of any printed media used in the public domain must be approved for use by the County Commissioner or Media Development Manager (MaC). The only exception to this is for printed media designed using the Print Centre.

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