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Here on the Island we’re very keen on using Social Media. In fact we’re quite chatty!

We use phones, internet and email for general communication.

We use Facebook for spreading information about forthcoming events, reporting on events and to ask for opinions and get feedback on activities and events.

We’ve got a very active Facebook group and closed groups and pages at district, group and unit level. You’ll find details of all our Social Media sites in the lists below.

  • We’re on Twitter: if you are, you can follow us at @iwscouts
  • Follow us on Instagram: @isleofwightscouts
  • We set up WhatsApp groups to help communication within specific teams

Ideally, we’d like to stick to national guidelines and not include any under-13 year olds on any of our Social Media sites, but then again, we’d rather they were learning to use Social Media responsibly in a controlled and monitored environment, so we encourage parents to join our groups and monitor young people’s online activities.

Find us on www.facebook.com at:

  • /groups/iwscouts – closed group for County information for Scouts (over 13) and parents.
  • Wight Rovers media team – closed group for the team to exchange information (team members can be under 13, with parents’ permission)

If your group isn’t on this list please mail me at mdm@isleofwightscouts.org.uk and I’ll add your details.

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