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The Wight Rovers Media Team is the focus for involving Scouts in our Public Relations activities. The aims of the team are simple: to help increase our Public Profile and to help our Scouts develop an interest in Media work.

So, meet team members: Paul, Victoria, MaC, Tom, Graham, James and Tim

The Wight Rovers Media Team is led by:

  • Malcolm Cox – Team Manager (Media Development Manager)
  • Victoria Lawton – Team Coordinator (County Youth Commissioner)
  • James Cooper – Social Media Coordinator (Assistant Scout Leader)
  • Alan Tiller – Website Assistant (Explorer Scout)
  • Paul Savill – Team Advisor (County Commissioner)
  • And, of course, Sid the Scout.

We provide free training courses for team members, and that’s Scouts of any age. Once they have been on a training course and submitted their first story, team members are entitled to wear the team badge. Attending the course and writing a report also count towards Activity Badge work.

We encourage team members to upload photos and stories about events in their own group to our closed Facebook Group. We’ll help with story writing and photo editing, and publish the finished items to our County website or social media sites, local press or Scout HQ for national PR. Most stories from team members are also edited into our Island wide newsletter, which can be downloaded from our Media page

We provide media training for team members:               

  • We will be holding introductory Media courses.
  • We will be organising more interview sessions.
  • We can arrange to support individual Groups with Media Courses.

Ideally, we’d like at least one Scout from every section of every group to become a member, ensuring that we can gather lots of stories to make up a newsletter from every group.

We took some of our team members to meet our Local Scout Ambassador, John Giddings. Karina’s report of the interview can be read in our June 2016 newsletter.

John, pictured here with Media Team Members Moza, Adam, Karina, Kelly and Tim, runs one of the country’s biggest music promotion agencies, and the Isle of Wight Festival.

John also arranged for his Isle of Wight Festival graphics team to design our unique Wight Rovers Media Team badge which team members can wear on their uniform (under County/District/Group/Unit badges)

We encourage team members to come along and help us by taking photos, interviewing people and writing stories at our County and District events.

These events include:

  • Beaveree
  • County Open Weekend
  • Walkie Talkie Events
  • IsleSpeak
  • County, District, Group and Section camps and activities
  • Activity events (e.g. Shooting, Archery, International, etc.
  • External PR events.

We run Wight Rovers Media Team training sessions where we go through a training presentation and have some practical media type fun (and cake)! Checkout the Events pages to see when the next course is. The training presentation also serves as a useful set of notes and you can download a copy by clicking here. It’ll be updated from time to time, so check for the latest copy (there’s more about branding on our Branding page).

If you’d like to join the team contact Malcolm Cox at mdm@isleofwightscouts.org.uk or you can find me on our County Facebook page .

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