I’m sure you’ve all seen it, but let me just make sure you did:

1st Newport (The Old Guard) won several prizes at the Community in Action awards at the Riverside centre in June.

1st Newport has around 80 Young people and an amazing 30 adult leaders and supporters.

Out of the 61 charities applying for the award, 1st Newport took the award in the Children and Young People category and were the overall award winners.

Group Scout Leader Rod Warne also won the Judges’ Special Award, having been a part of the group for 44 years!


It was (almost) “just another day” for Rod and his team, who were earlier this year confirmed as being the oldest continuously operating Scout Group in the UK and therefore the world, by National Historian Colin Walker.

The duo told me that the “The Old Guard” part of 1st Newport’s name comes from the fact that Scouts from the group performed guard duty on the Newport Reservoirs during the first world war.

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Congratulations and Thanks to Rod and all of his amazing support team.


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