From putting up the tents to striking camp – the Isle of Wight cub camp is always an adventure

Going out on the Tuesday evening before, with very helpful cubs and parents, we managed to erect 10 tents (including 2 Ridge) in less than 1 hour.

Start of camp brought around 30 children plus 2 babies to our site ready for a weekend of fun. We were very lucky to have had the experience of sharing our site with not just 1, but 2 other groups. We all had the privilege of getting to know the children and adults from 5th Ryde and Brading cub groups.

Sat round the camp fire Friday night, we all enjoyed hot dogs and roasted marshmallows, and were then treated to a rendition of various camp songs, led by the cubs.

Lights out on the first night and none of the cups were ready to sleep. A lot of excitement caused many of the children to stay awake for many hours, but then what’s sleep when you’re at camp.

Everyone was up nice and early on the Saturday morning, 5am to be precise. After 2 hours of attempting quiet play, breakfast was ready and we were all treated to bacon and egg rolls, compliments of our camp cooks.

As the morning went on, it brought sun and heat. Everyone had thier sun cream at the ready before heading out for the days activities around the site. From ‘horse riding’ to capture the flag, all the cubs thoroughly enjoyed themselves, although I think the favourite had to be when they chose which leader to put in the stocks.

The main campfire was a smashing success, although our leaders joined in more than the cubs. By the time everyone was back at Base they were all exhausted. Following a quick drink and cake, all the children were keen to head to bed.

Cubs own was fantastic yet again. Scary knights and free sweets kept the spirit of camp going. Fancy dress had been amazing amongst our group, with the children winning prizes in both cub and scout sections, not forgetting the leaders receiving 3rd place for group effort.

We were very lucky to be asked to close camp on Sunday morning by lowering the flag. One cub from each of the groups on our site joined together and did a fantastic job.

That led to the dreaded cleaning operation, but all the cubs were fantastic and the site was cleared and everything back to our HQ in no time. Was an amazing camp and we can’t wait to do it all again next year.

Oh yea, camp wasn’t over fully until everything had been washed, dried and put away the following Tuesday evening.

Michelle, ABSL, 2nd Ryde


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