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Hello everyone
Lots to tell you.

The main news of course is that Dave Simpson will be taking over from me as Island Commissioner on 1st August and we have started a handover process. I would like to invite you all to a Leader’s BBQ social on Saturday 27th July at 1st Newport starting at 6.30pm. A chance for me to say thank you for your support over the past five years and to introduce Dave to you if you have not had the chance to meet him before. Please let me know if you can come and any allergies or food requirements you may have. I will see many of you at Beaveree and Cub Camp.

I have just got back from a team England meeting where all the County, Regional and England commissioners spent the day learning and discussing issues. One of the sessions was about the case of the Cub on the autistic spectrum which reached national headlines last year when the Scout Association paid out many tens of thousands of pounds brought about through the case posed by the Cub’s parents. What was clear to me from the learning was the need for leaders to seek support from their line managers and not to enter into angry communications with parents or other people involved. Please remember anything written down can be required to be produced under Subject access. We have made great steps to open up Scouting experiences to young people with additional needs on the island and I would hate to see that openness stop due to fear amongst leaders. There is support for anyone who feels under pressure, please seek that support from the managers we have on the island.

One Island is moving forward. The plan now is for Extraordinary General meetings to take place in September or October to approve the close down of the districts and to approve a new constitution for the Isle of Wight Scout Council. It will be Dave’s role to develop the new One Island team but I will be working with him to support the changes needed to make it all happen for 2020.

I know lots of you are renewing permits to keep the adventure going for our members. The standards need for nights away permits have been reflected in the Camping standards at County Scout Camp. The independent judges for camping standards remarked on the huge shift in good practise being displayed. We gave out 8 Gold awards which is unprecedented, and everyone got at least a Bronze. So ,if you need some advice on going camping speak to your scout leader teams. Well done everyone.

IW festival gave us some new challenges this weekend with a move for the PR team and for those working incredibly hard on Love Your Tent. We have more opportunities to publicise what we do for Skills For Life at the Garlic festival, ( Ali Burt) Rhythm tree (Stewart Marriot) and Wonderfest ( Mac Cox).If you would like to get involved please contact the names above.

(The only photo I’ve got of Paul at the Festival – MaC).
As I was at the Festival, I missed out seeing my family for Father’s Day, it makes me appreciate the time we all give to Scouting. I was very lucky to be given a new woggle by my newest granddaughter so I get to wear that next to my Superman ( I could do with some superhuman powers!)

Good luck with all your events this month.





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