A little note from 6th Newport about their Adventures at County Camp.
Meet 6th Newport Scouts, tents set up and raring to go to at the County Harry Potter Scout Camp. For some of our Scouts it was their first time camping. Our team house was Slytherin.
On Friday evening a wide game was organised, this certainly contributed to the Scouts sleeping soundly from 11pm until 7am.
Saturday was another fun packed day. We tried out Archery, Tomahawk throwing, Shooting, Pizza making and Pebble Painting, followed by different Bastille Games. In true Scout Camp Tradition the rain clouds and storm appeared in the evening, not that any 6th Newport Scouts heard this as all were snoring to loudly (just the leaders out and awake).
Sunday was a raft race: our raft decided to split into two, dunking two scouts for an early morning wash. But but we were very proud of our raft and even though they didn’t want to continue (first time on a raft) the Scouts all clambered onto a ‘borrowed’ raft and carried on beating the opposing team. A game of Quidditch, Disco and then the Campfire. We had an entry in the Jawbone competition (campfire entertainment) and are very pleased to announce we were awarded third place for our entry.
A really hot end to our camp meant that we could pack away dry kit ready for our next adventure in September. Huge Thanks go out to all County Team who put on a brilliant programme.
Thank you All
Janet Corbett ASL
6th Newport
Janet is a member of the Wight Rovers Media Team – she came to our Media team training session on Saturday and is now a fully fledged member of the Wight Rovers.
Thanks Janet!

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