Well… help to get a new kitchen, as 1st Godshill Group Chairman Cyril explains how WightAid came to their help…. (and look at the before and after photos).



Behold we have a new kitchen! But not without a few headaches. Was this a venture that we could afford? Well not really, until we learned of WightAid. Could they help us?

Yes, they could and they did. Penny made the contact, filled in our application, and we waited, But then they required additional information, a little more detail concerning the proposed new installation. We needed to contact our original contractor but, despite many requests they failed to communicate with us in time ( it had been many months since we had asked them to quote) and so the deadline for approval was lost„ and with it, so we thought, our hope for a grant.. However WightAid thankfully, patiently, and helpfully guided us at this time and agreed to allow us to re-apply with a new contractor.

Now a new problem arose, our rather ancient cooker, (one of the main reasons for carrying out the refurbishment), which had served us well in the past, was now showing it’s age, consequently, and before we learned that an award was to be made, the cooker failed it’s safety test, and could not be used, To add to this problem was the fact that a mainland Guide group were booked in to use the H.Q. and they we going to need use of a cooker.

The failed cooker was a large commercial type, and we thought to replace it with a similar one, but this was going to be costly and probably beyond our means. Added to this was the fact that by installing a commercial cooker and so as to comply with new legislation we would be required to change the canopy also, all this at a probable cost of around £4000. We looked at used cookers but this would still be quite costly, Then someone posed the question, why a commercial cooker? Why indeed, so we investigated and found out that a large domestic cooker would suffice and was a cheaper and affordable option, so we went ahead, made the purchase, and by getting that we also learned the existing canopy would suffice. Problem Solved.

So now with our revised kitchen plan in place we waited to hear if our application for assistance had been successful And duly WightAid informed us that it had. They presented us with their cheque, for £8000 on 16th July at our Scout section meeting. The cheque was presented by Claire Willis of WightAid and accepted on behalf of the Group by Daniel Eastgate (Young Leader).

All was now in place for the work to start, and so it was on 10th September Owen Taylor of Clatter ford Ltd. Got to work, as I write work is still in progress, and due to be completed within a few days, albeit without the unit doors fitted as the delivery of these have been delayed.

All of this was made possible with help from WightAid, and Owen Taylor of Clatterford Ltd.. Our grateful thanks to both.

Thanks Cyril, let us join with you in saying a huge THANKS to WightAid.

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