By Emily Kirby, Scouts Section, 1st Newport (The Old Guard)


On my recent holiday to Perth Australia, I had the chance to attend a troop night with 1st Duncraig Scout Group. As a Scout myself, this opportunity was very exciting and showed me how different scouting can be in another part of the world.

The Australian Scout uniform is very different to our long-sleeved shirts and trousers. Their uniform consisted of a pair of shorts, a Scout polo shirt and their group neckerchief. If you’ve earnt a lot of proficiency badges it becomes hard to fit all of your badges onto the short sleeves.

During the evening, the group leader talked to us about their camps and explained the basics. There were two main differences between camping in the UK and in Australia that I found interesting. Firstly, their first aid kits contain snake bite antidote which each and every Scout knows how to use. Secondly was the fact that in Western Australia, there is a complete ban on open fires during their Summer months meaning that you can’t have a campfire! This fire ban is put in place to reduce the chance of starting a bushfire. Bushfires can be extremely dangerous and very destructive. However, on a positive note the heat of the sun in Australia does means that an egg can be easily fried on a piece of metal that has been left in the sun for a while!

The troop were very friendly and made us feel extremely welcome. At the end of the evening, we were lucky enough to be awarded some Australian Scout badges including the red-back spider patrol badge and the kangaroo patrol badge. We hope to stay in touch and can’t wait to return to Perth!


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