(This message has also been distributed to all appointed adults via Compass)



I have met many of you during October which has been great. You have been telling me about what you are doing plus your thoughts on my proposal to merge the districts and operate as one island in the future.

If you have not seen the paper, please let me know but I have had responses from Occasional helpers so I have assumed the email via Compass worked well. You can come and chat to me and other Commissioners at Mattinson Centre, Corf from 10:00 – 15:00 on Sunday 18th November. You can add your thoughts to notes we will be taking or onto flip charts if you want to be creative yourself. I will also be interested in how you see the County Plan shaping up with the new national strategy #skills for life~ as a template. At 1030 and 1300 I will repeat the briefing I gave at Isle Shape, or the district meetings. If you want to skype in let me know. Maybe I can go live on Facebook too.

A new code of conduct (the yellow card) has been produced and this will be supported by a new Safeguarding training package. We have one trainer ready to deliver the new package and our team will all be “upgraded” before 1st April 2019. Please ensure your safeguarding is up to date, thanks. I went along to catch the end of one session and it was lively and delivered well.

There have been some changes to Duke of Edinburgh awards and if you have any questions please contact Gary meek or Graham Hammond. Network members have just completed their gold practise hike on Dartmoor.

Also, great news that the Jamboree team are nearing their financial target and have received a £2000 donation from the Daisie Rich Trust. They still have events coming up so please keep on supporting and buy the badges of Unit 57.

At the County Finance meeting it was agreed ( to be ratified by County exec) that the IOW levy on capitation will stay the same for 2019. This takes into account the national rise by £1. Before you know it census will be upon us so make sure you have all the records of your top awards presented in 2018.

I won’t be on the Island this weekend as the Police Band were asked to support the service of Remembrance at Thiepval , Somme, France. I will take my poppy woggle with me to the service. I know Scouts will be proudly supporting services across the Island again as we always do and I look forward to seeing photos of you supporting the services.

See you on the 18th November.




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