On Saturday 21st July, Ryde will be full of rainbows as IW Pride is joined by UK Pride to make one of the Islands biggest events of the Summer. And IW Scouts will be joining in to promote our inclusivity.

IW Scouts will be joined by the national FLAGS group, making Scouts one of the largest groups at the event.

On the FLAGS website at : http://www.flagscouts.org.uk/ you’ll find out:

FLAGS is the National Scout Active Support Unit which actively supports the recruitment, retention and ongoing support of LGBT adults within The Scout Association in the UK.  This support extends to those already in Scouting or those considering joining Scouting who are questioning their sexuality. 

Our Vision…

 …is that FLAGS will be recognised as an effective Scout Active Support Unit; offering support to Scouting across the UK.  We will actively support LGBT Adults forming a network of adults in Scouting to share best practice, and support key national events.

FLAGS will also work to support the retention and recruitment of LGBT adults across th UK.  FLAGS will also be seen as subject matter experts to Scouting HQ, as well as CC’s and the Diversity Team.  FLAGS will provide support to Regions, Counties and Districts who wish to take part in local Pride events using the ‘Scout Pride’ brand

OK! Do you want to join us for an afternoon of FUN!

There are two ways to become part of the team: by joining our parade team, or by joining our PR Base team. The teams are separate. Young people under 16 can join either team, but they must be accompanied by an adult. This is a public event and Isle of Wight Scouts cannot take any responsibility for Young People.

Contact one of our event team, Mark Hughes, Connor, Malc Smith, Graham Walmsley, Victoria Lawton, Paul Savill, Becca Steen, Jamie Waring or MaC      or just turn up on the day to watch.

 If you want to get in the site you’ll need to register for a free ticket at : www.iwpride.co.uk .  If you’re coming as a Scout register at https://conta.cc/2qub5xl by 15th July. Either way, wear a bright colour or a Scout T-shirt and necker.

Please note that we are not allowed to sell or give out any food except in commercial packaging, a) for food hygiene regulations, b) in case of any food alergy issues.

Remember: Scouts is for everyone, regardless of ability, ethnicity, religion or gender. And PRIDE is about bringing the whole community together, not just certain parts of it.





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