I went to the festival for my first time with scouting  this year. The stall looked really good with lots of games to play.

I played Giant noughts and crosses with people from the festival and met some American boy scouts. They told me all about scouting in America and I learnt the highest scout in America is an eagle scout. I also met some explorer scouts from Great Yarmouth. They are going to Kenya to build a school and climb a mountain with their troop. They told me all about being an explorer scout and the fun they have. Learning how to play french cricket with Paul was fun and I enjoyed listening to all the music. I had really good fun and can’t wait to go again next year.



Steven is our newest Wight Rovers Media Team member. Thanks for the report, it sounds like you enjoyed being a team member at the Festival as much as we enjoyed having you there! It was hard, hot work!

And thanks to his mum, Michelle. See you again soon, MaC & Victoria.

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