Cub Fun at Kingswood, a report from Emily, who’s a cub at 1st Brading…..

On Friday 14th September four Cub packs arrived at Kingswood Activity Centre, 1st Brading, 2nd Ryde, 5th Ryde and 1st Sandown.  We were there for a weekend of fun and to earn our Adventure Challenge badge.  I was feeling really nervous but also excited!

After playing in the field while we waited for everyone to arrive, we found our dorms then went to dinner, full of excited anticipation of what was to come.  After a delicious meal we were assigned our groups, I was in group 2 and our first activity was climbing.  This was amazing! I had never done climbing before so I was very nervous but after being harnessed in, I was ready!  I climbed to the top and loved every second, I definitely want to do it again (Please Akela?!).  We ended day 1 with a camp fire, it was nice but everyone knows Scouts do the best camp fires!

Day 2 began with a cooked breakfast then it was off outside to complete an obstacle challenge, this was really hard but we all tried our best.   After that we went to the zipwire, this was HIGH.  I climbed up the ladder and was harnessed ready, I took one look over the edge and nope, I couldn’t do it.  I tried again later but I just didn’t have the courage, I felt a bit disappointed in myself but I tried my hardest and Akela said that was the important thing.

The other activities we did that day were; archery, aeroball and buggy building that we then raced.  After dinner we had the 3G swing which you hold onto then your group pulls you up in the air, once it’s as high as you want you pull a cord and you swing down.  I did it with my friend which was good, it made it less scary being with a friend.  I was quite nervous but I’m proud I did it.

We then had the Mini Olympics which we all did together with all the leaders too.  This was hilarious! The shoe race was the best bit!

We woke up on day 3 a bit sad that it was our last day but looking forward to the activities, we did laser tag and team tech which was like building with giant meccano!

I really enjoyed the trip and I would definitely go again, thank you to all the leaders for giving us the opportunity.


Thanks for the story Emily – you’ve now become our newest Wight Rovers Media Team member.🙂

It sounds like you had a brilliant adventure!

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