Scouts at the Isle of Wight Festival 2019


June marks the start of the summer (well, we get warmer rain) and it brings the Isle of Wight’s biggest music event, the Isle of Wight Festival. Isle of Wight Scouts run a PR team and support teams in the Love Your Tent and Respect campsites.

A  huge thanks to all of you who worked hard in all the teams at the Festival this weekend. Special thanks to Mat Tiller, the GSL at East Cowes who matched me for time working on build, event and breakdown, putting in around 55 hours over the weekend.

For the past few years the PR team have been based in the top corner of the main field. We’ve regularly attracted, 30 or 40 new recruits as their parents come in the main entrance each day. We’ve also had a few enquiries from visitors from the mainland. This time we were at the North end of Penny Lane, near the campsites. We had a handfull of recruitment enquiries and a few conversations with ex-Scouts who were interested incoming back into Scouting… Unfortunately, most were mainland based.

The best story to come from the PR team involved rope handcuffs! I know, they are always great for a laugh! Anyway, we were visited by an Autistic young lady (in her early 20s) in a motorised wheelchair who, with the help of a friend to load the rings where she told him, beat another pair of friends at Connect 4.
I asked her if she would like a challenge and she said yes. I explained how the rope handcuffs worked and she said No, she couldn’t do that. I said yes she could, so she said ok she’d try. (I asked her if I could hold her hands to get the ropes on and) I set her and her friend up. She sat there looking for a couple of minutes discussing the problem with her friend then she squealed and said she had it! She told her friend what to do and that was it. She did it! The sound of her laughter was the best sound of the weekend. And she was the ONLY person, of the hundreds who tried and didn’t already know the answer, who solved it!

So how was the rest of the Festival?


As we set up on Wednesday evening and Thursday morning it rained. And rained. And rained.
Then it just stayed damp. But we did have some warm sunny spells. We got our giant Twister out into the enclosure this side of our tent twice, but not for long.
We were at the north end of Penny Lane, near the campsites.
This is the only photo I took of Paul
And the couple taking the rope handcuff challenge were really well away trying to get out – they really enjyed the challenge!
Here’s something Gilwell certainly didn’t think about when changing the branding…. At least we can update our designs. Here’s one person who is certainly keeping with the old logo.


Let’s have a quick look at the charities around us. Our favourite charity was Ginsters who made regular donations of samples of their produce to charity volunteers at the IW Festival. We all like the Chiken Katsu and Vegan recipies, and the manager inside the van made sure that they were all cooked to perfection!
Our real favoutite charity was Medicine Sans Frontiers. The guy works on fundraising. The nurse is resting between assignments…
She’s been in the DRC dealing with the Ebola Crisis. the whiteboard shows thwir priority issues.
 One of the regulars at the Festival is the amazing cyclist, raising awareness and funds for Prostrate Cancer.
The Air Ambulance team were there too.
 Beaulieu Respite were there
Mountbatten had a site with us
and one in the main arena
 And of course our neighbours
were GirlGuiding Isle of Wight.
Here they are busy workingon their stand…
…while letting Scouts have the

run of their PR kit!

And, of course, there were the
Love Your Tent & Respect Teams. Why
does Ian always climb to the top of things?
He’s tall enough already!

The team had a lovely message of thanks




Thanks to the Festival team for letting us run another successful event, raising awareness of Scouting,

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