Over the last 12 years, Isle of Wight Festival boss John Giddings has supported us with Fundraising and PR (he’s also our Scouting Ambassador).

This year we were back at the Festival, in Aces!

Thursday Mat and I set up the tent, Friday, Saturday and Sunday we were on site by 10:00 working until 20:00. OK we did take it in sort-of shifts and take a few minutes now and then to walk around and see more of the Festival, but they were long, hot days.


Busy, Busy… as the visitors came in through the main Medina School gate into the arena field we were the first tent on the left. To our left and across the entrance were a number of other charities – see a separate report on the charities, how we can help them and how they can help us (well worth a read!).
There were visitors to the tent we knew (to a point!)…..they ganged up on Mat
…and  some visitors we didn’t know…. but all were welcome…
… some visitors were Scouts or leaders – therse were from Leicester.
Giant Connect 4 was a favourite of the younger visitors…
..and less young ones.

Claire had a busy baptism into the team!

We had a big enough team to cope with the crowds, especially when we occupied them with rope handcuffs
We even had a visit from a couple of Revolution (Network and Explorer Easter Camp) regulars.
I made up a new giant Jenga tower for the team – made of 3″ x 2″ timber so it’s not so heavy as Shanklin’s set when it falls on your foot!
Victoria and Alan had to try it out
Yes Mandy, that’s the highest tower, but that’s not the point…
This was the real tallest tower, built up from 26 layers to 39
The winners!
We tried something different – French Cricket!
Ali brought a bog paper rope maker. Sid thought it put a new twist on Scouts always keeping a piece paper and a piece of string in their pockets!
Sorry Ali, you won’t get paid as much as Nicole Scherzinger does for getting ice cream on your nose
Adam offered Sid a shovelfull of his ice cream
Ali, Adam and Graham are obviously fans of Sid and his crew.
Michaela brought her boys Zac and Steven who were absolutely brilliant dealing with our younger visitors.

They met Sid and his friends in the mini-Media team.

Victoria and I were so impressed with Zac and Steven we made them members of the Wight Rovers Media Team then and there!

Read their reports in other news bulletins.

Sid and his team enjoyed playing with our pop-up tent……
….. and the Connect4
It was a real team effort when they played Jenga.
On Monday morning I was on site to take the tent down
Sid and Dave came along to help
 And what did we leave behind……. only our thanks to John, Caroline, Flo, Kieran, Anthony  and the rest of the Festival staff.

And massive thanks to all the brilliant, hard working team – Julie, Victoria, Ali,  Sam, Michelle, Mandy, Becky, Claire, Paul, Alan,  Mat, Adam, Graham, Zac and Steven.



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