One of the important team building exercises for the Jamboree Contingent is fundraising. And the team are off to a great start.

Every few weeks 1st Brighstone Beaver Leader Tracy Asher and her husband run a brilliant quiz night at Newport Cricket ground in aid of different charities. Tracy’s January quiz was in favour of the Jamboree Team who will be going to the next World Jamboree in America in 2019.

Some of the team were away at Winter Camp in Gilwell but 4 team members came along to the quiz with Contingent Leader Connor and International Commissioner Malc Smith.

If you’re not familiar with the way Jamboree costs are met, the contingents from wealthier countries pay a higher attendance fee than those from less wealthy countries, subsidising their costs. The cost for each our “half contingent” sized team of 9 Scouts and a Leader will be around £3,000 each.

We’ve also got our fingers crossed for a couple of our leaders who will shortly go through selection, hopefully to go to the Jamboree as part of the International Support Team (IST).

For the next year or so the team will be very busy fundraising and they’d really appreciate any help you can give them. Watch out for Jambo events advertised on Facebook and in other places.


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