Hi Everyone

Harry Potter County Camp was great fun despite the rather scary storms we went through. Thank you to everyone that helped make the weekend a success.

As we are in Volunteer week can I just say a massive thank you to everything you do for Scouting on the Island. I am looking forward to Beaveree and then Cub Camp which is keeping us outdoors as we should be. At the county AGM I awarded Commissioner Commendations to Graham Morris ( Chair of County exec) and James Cooper ( County Communications Manager – Social Media) for their help and support. Graham Morris is about to move onto mainland and I wish all the best for him in his new role and his family too. Amanda Collinson is going to be our new County Chaplain and we will announce the new chair at the end of June. Our County Secretary Ann Huntley has also stepped down and I am currently looking for a new trustee to take on that role. You can find the details on the website.

Don’t forget if you are the nights away permit holder for a camp you need to have carried out a risk assessment (RA) for your site and specific section that is sleeping out. You need to have access to these RAs when you are at camp. There are lots of names being added to Compass at the moment in readiness for more camps so ensure you have briefed everyone taking part.

You may also not realise that safeguarding training only lasts for three years now, please check your records to see if it is now out of date. This is part of the three mandatory modules to have alongside First response and safety.

There is a lot going on as always but can those of you who have still not updated your pages on the county website do so as soon as possible. With GDPR we are closing down the county directory and any copies you have must be destroyed. Local contact can only happen currently through the website information so it needs to be clear and useful .

I am looking forward to seeing may of you over the next few weeks at camps and AGMs.

Happy Scouting



Ed:  If you’ve missed the news, in future we will not be publishing County Information Bulletins, and our regular messages will be sent out from the website news feed, like this.

Please check that all of your leaders and parents are signed up for (at least) the news feed and Sid the Scout. If you are aware of leaders or helpers who do not have access to internet & email and cannot automatically receive web updates please let your District Secretary know. We will have to assess how to handle news distribution to these people.

As many of you have done previously, please print copies of updates and put them on your HQ walls for parents to see.

Thanks for your support



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