Hi Everyone.

With effect from today, Sunday 8th July our Media and Communications teams will be restructured.

County Communications Manager (Social Media) James Cooper will be resigning his position to concentrate on his studies. We’ll be very sorry to see James leave the team as his expertise and insight has led our leap forward on Social Media and the new County Website. We all wish him well with his studies. During the handover, James will still be helping us with the new County email setup.

The County Communications team will now consist of:

  • Me, MaC (Malcolm Cox) – Media Development Manager, County Communications Manager and Wight Rovers Media Team Manager
  • Victoria Lawton, County Youth Commissioner and Wight Rovers Media Team Coordinator (amongst other roles)
  • Paul Savill, County Commissioner (amongst other roles)
  • Alan Tiller, website assistant (as Alan is under-18 Paul or I will have to approve data entry from Alan) (amongst other roles)

The duties of the County Communications team are:

  • Management and operation of the County website.
  • Management and operation of the County Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media accounts.
  • Supporting communications between Island Scouts.
  • Supporting communications between Island Scouts and HQ.
  • Supporting communications between IW Scouts and external persons and organisations.
  • Generation or selection of PR and recruitment leaflets, flyers and other Media material.
  • Wight Rovers Media Team training for Scouts and Adults.
  • PR and Recruiting PR by the Wight Rovers Media Team.
  • (Paul or MaC must approve all PR and marketing material NOT generated using the HQ Print Centre)

Responsibilities of the communication team will be split as follows:

  • MaC will be taking over James official roles, with support at administrator level from Paul and at technical and data entry level from Alan.
  • The County mail system will be run by James and handed over to MaC in the future.
  • Any group information to be added to the website can be sent to Alan (thanks to Emily at 1st Yarmouth for submitting group information recently – and there are still some who haven’t!)
  • Diary Dates should be sent to MaC, copy Paul (in case I’m not available).
  • News Stories should be sent to MaC, copy Paul and Victoria (again, in case I’m not immediately available).
  • Wight Rovers Media Team enquiries should be sent to MaC and Victoria.
  • Information and Questions about Social Media should be sent to MaC and Victoria.
  • MaC and Victoria will continue to run the Wight Rovers PR events.
  • We will continue to promote the website newsletter system for distribution of news and reports – if you have not signed up, please do as we have discontinued publishing the County Information bulletin.
  • Recruiting enquiries through the website or Social Media will be dealt with by Victoria and MaC.

Maintaining Communications requires a constant, significant effort from the Communications team, and we really appreciate your support with making sure that the right people are copied in on your information.

  • Do you think you can bring something to the team?
  • Can you work as part of a team?
  • Do you have any website or Social Media experience?

If you’d like to be a part of the team please contact me –  Malcolm.Cox at isleofwightscouts.org.uk and let me know your answers to these questions.




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