Wight Rovers Reporter, Karina, writes about her group’s Christmas celebrations with 1st Godshill and Rookley Scouts.

In 1st Godshill and Rookley Scouts, we do many different activities but one of them is always done annually. Throughout November – early December, we do the most daring thing possible… (cue dramatic music)… rehearse plays. At our yearly Christmas celebration, we perform humorous short plays in our Patrols for our parents. In all the plays, there are always the recurring stars. They are the world famous, the renowned… (drum roll)… Inspector Thinkalott and his bumbling assistant, Whitsun! They may sound like a rip off of another detective duo, but rest assured, they are not a copy.

My patrol: Kingfishers

Flight of Fancy!

Both of the Patrols at 1st Godshill and Rookley, Kingfishers and Hawks did one play each. My Patrol, which is Kingfishers, did one called ‘Flight of Fancy’. It was about smuggling taking place in an airport, where I played the Narrator because¬†I enjoy it (and also because¬†we’re the only characters who are allowed to read off a script during the performance – mainly the latter though.)

Hawkes Patrol

Mystery on the Mountain…

Hawks, the other Patrol, did a play called ‘Mystery on the Mountain’, about people trying to make Scafell Pike the tallest mountain in the UK by removing rocks from Ben Nevis. (I won’t tell you what happens in the end – SPOILER ALERT).

We then tucked into the food on the snack table for a short break. I think I might have a break as well (yawns) this writing is making me exhausted!

Toby is joining Explorers

While I am gone, enjoy this interview with Toby from Hawks, who is sadly leaving after Christmas (NOTE: play the clip of the audience going ‘aww’).

Q: What is your favourite memory from Scouting?

A: Winning the Pioneering competition.

Q: How long have you been in Scouting?

A: Three years.

Q: Do you prefer Cubs or Scouts?

A: Scouts! (ed: I bet he only said that so Dave and Jackie will be pleased!)

Q: Are you moving up to Explorers?

A: Yes.

Afterwards, we played games: Scouts vs Rest of The World (not the whole world, of course, because we would lose – shh don’t tell anyone I said that). We did Defend your Area and Wally (don’t be alarmed – he’s very easy to spot because he sits at the end of the almost-circle.

But all too soon, it was time to end. Us Scouts won against everyone else (naturally) and we all went home. The End. Thank you for watching and I hope everyone has a really great new year! (Curtain closes and everyone claps).

Thanks Karina – a brilliant first report to be uploaded to our new website from a Wight Rovers Media Team member.

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