Hi Everyone. I’m Sid the Scout!

Sid the Scout

Some of you may have been following my adventures since I came to the Isle of Wight and became a Cub. I met GIJoe and we’ve had some fun adventures. Now I’ve become a Scout and I’ve made loads of little friends. Some of us are members of the Wight Rovers Media Team. We’re going to write loads of reports to tell you what we get up to Scouting here on the amazing Isle of Wight.

The Team

First of all I’m going to introduce you to my Media Team friends.

Here’s me (front right) and some of my Scout Troop. On my right is Jade. She loves making things and fixing things. Behind me is Dave my patrol leader. He’s a member of the County Archery team. In the middle is Skip, our Scout Leader. His real name is Mike Andrew Scott, so some times we’re called M.A.Scotts Troop (say it quickly as one word). Mike claims you can tell he’s a proper Scout Leader – ‘cos he’s always got a mug of coffee in his hand. Back left in the photo is Skip’s wife Jen. She’s a Brownie Brown Owl, so we call her Owly!


We’ve got a couple of younger members of the Wight Rovers, On the left is Sally the Beaver. In the middle is our American friend GIJoe. His real name is Gordon Ian Josephs. He’s mad about anything military and he’s a member of the County Shooting Team. So he has a very appropriate nickname. On the right is Chris. I gave him my favourite Cubs100 hoody.

We’ll be uploading a story about us learning how to tie a reef knot in the next few days.

How to follow us

  • I’ve always had a Facebook page and we’ll still be blogging live from Isle of Wight Scout events. Find us at www.facebook.com/sidthescout
  • We’ll be writing Media Team reports and uploading them to the news feed on our County website.
  • We have our own page on the County website at: http://www.isleofwightscouts.org.uk/county/media/sid-the-scout/
  • When you or your parents sign up for our newsletter emails on the front page of the website one of the options you can select is to receive Sid and friends update mails (We’ll have this working in a couple of weeks).
  • If you’ve missed any of our stories you can catch up our archive files on our webpage.
  • You can mail me at sidthescout@yahoo.com with questions about Scouting or with ideas for the team and me to work on.

More about us

The 8 of us are Members of the Wight Rovers Media Team. Are you interested in Media? Do you want to see your stories on the website? Any Scout can join the Wight Rovers, read all about us in the website Media pages.

  • We’ll be loading our stories at the bottom of our webpage soon.
  • If all goes well, we’ll be coming to Beaveree on Saturday 9th June where we’ll be running a sort of Treasure Hunt.

In the mean time

Have fun, and Keeeeeeeppp Scouting! (You have to say that like they say it at the end of Strictly😊)


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