Sid & his friends had fun in the snow last week.



Sid woke up on Friday to find a white Wight – it had been snowing. “Great” he said, reaching for his phone. Let’s get the team up together for some Scout FUN!
Minutes later Sid was up to his neck in a snowdrift laughing with his friends. “It looks like I got my wish for snow”, giggled Sid (as he told us in his photo in the calendar).
“C’mon” said Colin, “Let’s go showboarding”.
Jade, Sid and Patrol Leader Dave pretty much had a draw in their race.
GI Joe was much faster than Colin and Sally, in fact he was so fast he crashed…
Skip and Owly came rushing to his rescue. They sent Dave and Sid to get the stretcher out of Skip’s van.
“Really, I’m ok”, said Joe. “No” said Dave, “Skip wants to take you to St Mary’s hospital for a check up. Ooooooppppsss!”
Dave and Sid slipped over in the snow, dropping the stretcher and Joe on it.

“I told you I’m ok”, shouted Joe, leaping on the stretcher and using it like a snowboard he sped away. “Yippee… See you all back at HQ”! Sid and Dave just laid back in the snow, laughing! “See you soon”, said Sid. “And Keeeeppp Scouting”!

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