Hi Everyone!

I’ve just come back from an adventure with our newest Wight Rovers Media Team Member, Austin, a Cub from 2nd Ryde.

His Dad, Alan, mailed MaC last week and told us about this amazing Lego model of an archaeological dig which Austin had made. I showed the photos to the rest of the Mini Media Team and we all decided that we had to go along to see it for ourselves.

MaC came along to Austin’s Cub meeting on Tuesday to collect us and give Austin his Wight Rovers Media Team badge.

Thanks to Austin, his Dad Alan, Akaela (Becky) and all her team for some great fun. MaC had a cold so we couldn’t stay and join the pack for a fun packed evening of firelighting and toasted marshmallows. Maybe next time…….

Have you got an idea for a story for me and my team? mail: sidthescout@yahoo.com.

Thanks, Sid –    and here’s Austin’s story….




Crunch, crunch here comes G.I. Joe. He is coming to tell his story like every Tuesday.

“Right folks, in the sand far far from where you live, Sid the scout is teaching the cubs. They were looking for dinosaur bones and studying them.”         

“It was lovely, sunny and hot, not far away they had built a tent.”

Sid was quickly getting a snake out of the make shift laboratory (actually it is just their tent, but we like to call it that) said G.I Joe. 

It was at Appley because that was the best place for it, it was part of their Adventure badge.

Skip who was left in charge while Sid was at the tent had a slurp of coffee and said “Ok, back to work”.

“In the sand far, far from where you live Sid the scout is still teaching the cubs…” finished G.I Joe.

Chris said “Wow, that is really cool, can we go?”         



Thanks for the brilliant model and great story and photos Austin!

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