Patrol Leader Dave decided that it was time to teach Sid and Jade some knots.
Right then, said Dave,. First of all, what’s the difference between a knot, a Hitch and a Bend?
“I know that” said Jade. “A Knot joins two ropes together. A Hitch secures a rope to something solid, like a post. A Bend joins a rope to something else, like a strained rope or a sail.”
“Well”, said Skip walking across to join them (as always, with his coffee mug in his hand). “That’s true most of the time. “But, just to confuse you, there are some Knots called Bends, some Bends called Knots and Hitches called all sorts of things.”
“What about Lashings?” asked Sid. “Lashings are my favourite”.
“That’s Lashings of Ice Cream”, laughed Jade
“OK then”, said Skip, “Go and get some rope then, and show us how you tie a reef knot, please Sid”.
“Oh you silly Sid!” laughed Dave! “Not that thick!”


“All right”, said Sid.

“That’s better”, said Jade.


“So, Right over left then under”, said Sid.
“Then I hold up the loose ends and twist them the other way, left over right then under, and pull the knot tight” said Sid.

Well done Sid, that’s right” said Dave.

“Yay, Sid” laughed Jade.

Skip just had another slurp of coffee!


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