National Scout Ambassador Warwick Davis comes to the Island for a Scouting hovercraft flight – and I met him!


Ralph from 2nd Ryde becomes the newest member of the Wight Rovers Media Team by sending in this report of him meeting Scout Ambassador Warwick Davis on a windy afternoon in April. The aim was for Scouts, Cubs and Beavers from across the Island to go for a special hovercraft flight around the Solent forts, with Warren as a special guest. It was too windy for the hovercraft to operate so they just had a fun time on the apron (landing area) in Ryde. Thanks to Hovertravel, Sally Grylls and all those who helped organise the day. And thanks to Ralph!


This afternoon all the scout groups on the Isle of Wight got the chance to go on a tour of the hovercraft which was a great opportunity.  The first thing we did was meet Warwick Davis at the terminal. I talked to him about seeing him on TV: would I lie to you and Billionaire Boy. Then we had photos with the hovercraft, Warwick presented a certificate for the chief scout gold award to a scout. After that all of the beavers, cubs and scouts went into one of the hovers, we sat down at the back of it and we each got a hovercraft sticker and certificate.  The hovercraft pilot spoke about the machine and that it had been abroad: South America, India, Africa and Belgium

Sorry the photo of Ralph meeting Warren is not the best quality, but – it makes a fantastic Scouting Memory for Ralph!

Then the group was split in half and one half went onto the other hover for a tour and the other half stayed on board.  We went off for a look round the outside and when we got to the back of the hover we saw the rudders which steer the Hovercraft, they were as tall as a man.  There were five propeller blades per propeller, the propellers made the Hovercraft move.  There was one life raft per side, one could fit 100 people on board and if you pulled one of the ropes or both at the same time, the life raft would come out and inflate, that was just in case of abandon ship.  Then we went back on board and sat down in different seats.  We got to have a look in the cockpit and engine rooms; there was one engine per propeller on either side of the craft.  There was a light at the stern so you could see what part of the vessel you were near.


After that we went back into the terminal and went home.  I had a brilliant afternoon, thank you to everyone who organised it – I loved it.


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