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Do you want something different to do? Here are a couple of ideas, near and far. I’ll keep adding to this post, and please let me know if you’ve got any ideas to add here.

Areton Barns Maritime Museum


Hi there Isle of Wight Scouts! I’m the education officer at the Shipwreck Centre & Maritime Museum at Arreton Barns.

We have so much on offer and I just wanted to let you know about our  fantastic sessions that we offer on so many subjects!
We  have the history of diving….a look at how diving and equipment has evolved over the past 3000 years! We have both old and new equipment for the kids (and adults) to look at!
We have Maritime Archaeology….how do archaeologists work under the water…
We also have sessions focused on the loss of the Titanic. We can cover prehistory through our work at Bouldnor Cliff (a prehistoric site on the island) and also cover World War 1 at Sea…..a look at artefacts and stories from the first world war and the huge number of ship losses that we suffered……

We also have sessions on pirates and smuggling and can offer bespoke sessions too!

Our Museum gets a little chilly at this time of year but we’ll still welcome you in or we can bring a collection of items to you and carry out the same sessions!

Of course you can run unaffiliated sessions too….museum is closed to the public at the moment so we have more flexibility and have a number of self guided options for activities.
Please contact me for details of costs or any further queries. My email is Jacqueline.arnold@maritimearchaeologytrust.org
With kind regards,  Jacqui

Paradise Park (St Albans)

Back in the summer Sid the Scout took a trip to Paradise Park which is a Scout friendly Animal and Adventure Park. Not only is it a brilliant place for a day trip, but they also offer really brilliant overnight stays. Can you imagine having a torchlight adventure in a dinosaur park then bedding down with movies running all night long. And lots, lots more.
 mail: info@pwpark.com

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